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Helping you and your team shift from uncertainty and hesitation to conviction, courage, and resilience so you can excel in tough times.

Bernadette McClelland is an Elite Sales Leadership and Resilience Expert

She is recognized by the U.S. Government as one of the top 1% of global Sales Leaders—an accolade that earned her a Green Card for her extraordinary ability. She has secured million-dollar deals and brings a profound expertise in Psychology and B2B Sales Leadership.

Endorsed by industry luminaries like Tony Robbins, who describes her as a “superstar,” and serving as an MBA sales coach at Harvard, Bernadette’s influence is both broad and deep. Her journey from overcoming bankruptcy and illness to establishing a successful business across continents exemplifies her resilience and dedication.

Bernadette also dedicates herself to transformative work with the Colorado State Penitentiary, helping inmates unlock their potential and embody real change.

As a leading voice in courage and conviction, Bernadette brings a unique perspective to her speaking engagements. Her Deliberate Disruption methodology challenges traditional thinking and empowers audiences to embrace change with confidence and conviction.

Hire Bernadette for your next event and introduce your team to a world of courage, conviction, and transformative leadership.


Lead Strong or Follow Weak

Choose Transformation or Stagnation​

Bernadette McClelland - Showcase
Brnadette McClelland - Unleash The Power

Drive Change or Drift

Bernadette McClelland - Expo Speaker
Bernadette - Salesforce
Bernadette McClelland and Karen Gately

Don't Bridge the Gap! Create the Gap!

Bernadette McClelland - Tony Robbins

Bernadette McClelland …You’re a superstar… Tony.

Anthony Robbins
Peak Performance Coach, RRI International

Bernadette McClelland

Huge Congratulations on an Amazing Breakout Presentation at Unleash The Power Within in Sydney! 

Marc Von Musser
Director of Coaching , Anthony Robbins Companies

Recognized as one of the 35 Most Influential Women In Sales, Globally!

“Bernadette McClelland has a unique ability to quickly connect with an audience and get them smiling and engaged and actively participating. Her message is both personal and relatable, delivered with an earnest style that causes the audience to both relate and self-assess. She impacted me in a way few speakers ever have.”

Darryl Praill, Chief Revenue Officer, VanillaSoft

Bernadette McClelland - Jeff Dunne

Bernadette was recruited to speak to 60 of our top salespeople in our Atlanta, GA office for the second year in a row for the purpose of jumpstarting results across the organization.

RESULT: Her presentation and keynote was followed by a year of company growth and her teachings have been incorporated into our business’ sales training materials year on year. Our sales team always enjoy Bernadette’s style and she is extremely accomodating and easy to work with.

Jeff Dunn
Director of Sales, Northwest Exterminating, Atlanta, GA

Bernadette McClelland - Cian

Bernadette is a leading voice in the Asia Pacific and global sales thought leadership community. Her perspectives on how to sell ethically, authentically and with purpose are profoundly impactful and reflect the broader change currently underway in the B2B sales industry.

Bernadette is a must inclusion on any list of women leaders to watch.


Cian Mcloughlin
CEO, Trinity Perspectives

Bernadette McClelland - Top Sales World

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