Put the ‘bravery into selling’, the ‘personal into leadership’ and the ‘real into results’!

Recognized as one of the 35 Most Influential Women In Sales globally

If you want someone to drive change and instigate innovation, or if you want that someone to inspire and shake things up, then Bernadette will ensure the boundaries of possibilities are pushed by your people, and for your people, every single day.

Her provocative and edgy angles are insights you will have never considered before, and her personal moments of vulnerability will cause you to reflect on the results that really matter the most to you.

Bernadette McClelland has given two keynote talks for Rev it Up – Sales Leader Summits – one in 2017 in Boston, and one in 2015 in Chicago. Both times, the audience of B2B sales leaders was riveted, fully engaged, and gave great feedback afterward. I would not hesitate to invite Bernadette for a future event. Additionally, she was professional, prepared, and supportive of our efforts.

Lori Richardson

Organizer, Rev it Up - Sales Leader Summit, and President of Women Sales Pros

Bernadette travelled from Australia for the 6th #SocialSellingForum Paris, where 500 participants shared their experience about Social Selling. Through two keynotes, two panels and one workshop, she shared some fresh new ideas around neuroscience, social selling and the future of Sales. We would love to have her speak with us again in upcoming editions of the #SocialSellingForum.

Loic Simon

Founder of the #SocialSellingForum, Paris, Europe, Australia


Whether you are looking to motivate large audiences at annual conferences or activate your local team on a critical initiative, I can help you lead a conversation that educates, inspires and shifts thinking to achieve those results.


Whether you are looking to objectively evaluate your people and your business, are in need of a personal sounding board or want to experience having a team of ‘A’ players all exceeding your expectations, I can give you the resources.


Today, it’s no longer about just doing the deal, it’s about being the real deal – and that starts with you.

My name is Bernadette and I help SMBs, Sales Teams and Associations generate greater client respect, market relevance and the right kind of results – on purpose!

We are all different, but we are all the same. We want the shortcuts, we want someone else’s opinion and we want certainty around our many doubts.

We love a different voice, we thrive on new perspectives and we are challenged with deeper questions.

Especially for those high performers who are struggling to differentiate themselves and don’t know how and those businesses who are not making their numbers, yet do not know why!

My path is to help you think differently – to make a difference.

Bernadette was recruited to speak to 60 of our top salespeople in order to jumpstart results across the organization. RESULT: The workshop was followed by a year of company growth and her teachings have been incorporated into their sales training materials year on year.

Director of Sales

Northwest Exterminating, Atlanta, GA

Bernadette’s Signature Keynote Themes

‘Conscious Selling’ –The Silver Bullet to Driving More Sales

The sales team that will overachieve is the team that is consciously capitalistic, humanly focussed and is generous without sacrificing themselves or the business. We are leaving and entering new economies at a rapid rate of knots and the connection economy offers new opportunities for those who are keen to exercise not just sales leadership but thought leadership and personal leadership.

In this provocative and stimulating keynote, learn to move beyond just being informational and influential, and step into the role of the inspiring salesperson buyers want.

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‘Beyond Resilience’ – The Ultimate Gift of a Black Swan Moment

Black Swan moments happen to us all – those left of field moments we never saw coming. Imagine having the foresight and tools to create calm from chaos, back yourself unconditionally and futureproof your career and life.

Hear Bernadette’s antidote to black swan moments – how she moved from Fortune 500 sales executive and business owner to finding her family deep in Australia’s welfare system, only to catapult herself onto the world stage doing something that lights her up.

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‘The Business Of Connection’ – Amplifying Human Potential

What’s next? The Future of Work tells us jobs today won’t be here tomorrow, skills needed yesterday are gone forever and algorithms will hold the key to our superpowers in the future.

So, how do we elevate our leadership skills to navigate this era of change? How do we amplify the human skills critical to bringing real connection back to business? How do we navigate this ‘connection’ economy we are now in, and still product the results that matter the most?

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‘One Woman Rising’ – Step Up, Show Up, Speak Up

A sense of presence is critical for women wanting to rise to a higher level of achievement. Your personal presence trumps all else and is found at the intersection of courage, conviction, and clarity. Women in business continue to fight the good fight and the biggest enemy can more often be themselves and not the men they are trying to match or the ceiling they are trying to smash.

This keynote identifies three reflective themes relevant to women in any role wanting to better herself and lose the shackles of self-doubt while Bernadette shares her journey of becoming Australia’s leading female speaker in the male dominated corporate sales space.

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‘Message Matters’ – How to Get Seen, Get Known, Get Business

Seth Godin once said, ‘ You don’t create a purple cow by being different. You do it by creating something worth talking about’. The overarching message in this presentation is that ‘prospecting will never, ever get you clients! Your message to market will!’

With an increasing amount of businesses unable to meet their targets, and an increasing amount of salespeople sounding like everyone else when asked ‘what do you do?’, it’s time to think differently about introductions, segues and transitions. Ditch the pitch because Message Trumps Method every single time. Know your message.

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If only 54.6 percent of sales professionals produce enough revenue to meet quota and only 7% are considered Elite…

Then what will give the rest of the population the conviction and confidence to step up, show up and speak up on purpose, so that they own their space and become a force to be reckoned with?

My Executive Coaching and Sales Mentoring will show you how.

Bernadette is a leading voice in the Asia Pacific and global sales thought leadership community. Her perspectives on how to sell ethically, authentically and with purpose are profoundly impactful and reflect the broader change currently underway in the B2B sales industry.

Bernadette is a must inclusion on any list of women leaders to watch.

Cian Mcloughlin

CEO, Trinity Perspectives

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