You don’t have to be blind Freddy to notice that the sales landscape is changing at an accelerated pace and has no intention of slowing down.
* Has anyone figured out what is going on yet?
* Is customer loyalty really down?
* Are sales cycles either nonexistent or getting even longer?
* Are boardroom presentations being tweaked more than ever to ensure the edge?
* Have gatekeepers had some form of combat training?
* Do interested contacts suddenly go AWOL ?

And I wonder whether or not you are being told to work harder, make more calls, try different tactical approaches, create new war room strategies, or even lower your price to get the business. That it’s a case of not knowing what’s hit you in some instances because what worked last year just isn’t working this year.

One of the problems is the buyer is no longer the buyer of yesterday, no longer the buyer that our traditional sales training was based on, and no longer the buying cycle we are used to. The other problem is not a lack of resources, it’s a lack of awareness and execution of the resources – internal resources and external resources.

The salesperson of today needs to do three things:




Focus on how to evolve into this person who has relevance and enjoys thinking and communicating as a peer with his customer.Evolution is growth and growth means change so let change begin by being aware of the resources you have to play with and determine whether you are someone who wants to focus on the results that matter the most rather than the results on the scoreboard. Get clear and be honest with what is REALLY preventing you from doing what you have to do to get the results?
Start to think laterally.
Focus on how to educate both yourself and the buyer and position yourself as a true person of influence helping make the complex simple for the buyer.Education is all about cherry picking the relevant ideas to present to the buyer in such a way that elegantly positions you as a resource to them. What competitive information can you give them about THEIR industry, what is happening in other businesses in other industries that can be aligned to THEIR business and THEIR industry, how others in similar roles to them are coping with identical challenges.Start to position yourself exclusively.Focus on how to emote different, fresh, insightful approaches that allow you to consciously sell, tapping into the emotion AND the logic, yet still be focussed on contribution to the buyers business.Being emotive is about so many things. It’s not just about how happy or sad you are but it’s also about innovating and telling a business story . Imagine if your approach and focus was based on the intention to grow your prospective buyer’s business BEFORE they became a customer. Imagine if you grabbed a sheet of paper, a serviette over coffee or a whiteboard marker in their office and you had the ability to capture their process, their challenges, their status quo and create a flowchart, a blueprint, a model that demonstrated HOW you would help them reach a compelling, magnetic shift toward execution that would achieve results for both parties. Results that would occur at the intersection of all parts.Start to sell consciously.

The gap between the salesperson who is invited to stay and the salesperson that doesn’t get an invite back is widening and we all need to bridge that gap and execute our results elegantly and relevantly with ALL the resources available to us – internal and external.

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Bernadette McClelland is a keynote speaker, leadership consultant, and a sales support team member for companies, in growth-mode, that need to quickly build a bridge between business goals and sales results.

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