3 leadership lessons from my Nana

I have 45 first cousins on my Dad’s side of the family.

My Dad is the middle child of 13 children.

My nana was widowed when my Dad was only 7 (you can do the maths).

Clearly she was a born leader.

You can imagine 70 odd years ago the lack of resources this family would have had especially after my grandfather died without leaving a will, when hand me downs was the norm, barefoot was as common as daylight and sardines on toast or bread and dripping was a treat.

But with the support of a community, the ability to accept help from others and more importantly the propensity to innovate and tap into imagination and resourcefulness, everyone not only survived but went on to contribute and lead fulfilling lives passing on this quality of resourcefulness to generations to follow.

And the same is available for all of us…

  • There are going to be times where budgets don’t allow spending but that doesn’t mean you throw your hands in the air and stop doing things.
  • There are going to be times where you don’t have the right answers but that doesn’t meant you stop asking intelligent questions … and the ones that work usually start with ‘How’ and not ‘Why’.
  • There are also going to be times where you think you need to come up with something different, new and out of the box but that doesn’t mean you don’t look at simple, old fashioned ways of doing things that worked in the past, like phoning people and sending real letters.
[/list1] We get so used to having what we need at our fingertips. There are resources galore on tap for us everywhere, and when we hit a crisis point and those external resources begin to get scarce, we panic.

The secret is to dig deep right now, tap into the internal resources you already have and how you can better utilise what is already within you, around you and in front of you before a crisis hits. This is resourcefulness at it’s best.

This is what my Nana was a leader in, and was her legacy that we can all learn from!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

3 leadership lessons from my Nana

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