I’ve been off the grid pretty much for the majority of the past twelve months. 

Oh, sure I’ve posted articles and posts here and there and curated and commented on my colleagues posts, but something else has been at play.

I’ve needed to find my groove, get my mojo back and step into the brilliance that I know I have to offer.

Have you ever had those moments?

I reckon you have.

“Because it’s a human kind of thing.

Sometimes we need to regroup. We need to pause. We need to take stock of who is in our corner and the value we are going to bring into ours, and their lives as well. 

Outside of that my year has also been pretty massive. My husband got laid off for a bit last year and found himself another great job shortly afterwards – but the culture was toxic and he felt trapped.

Our daughter and her partner brought our first granddaughter into the world (she turned one this weekend – our gorgeous little bundle of Grace Maree) and a distraction I definitely welcomed.

And then our son, after three stressful attempts whilst in full Covid flight, finally married the gorgeous, and second, Mrs McClelland in January.

Bernadette McClelland - StorySelling Keynote Speaker
In between that I took a total detour for three months where all I did was paint and restore second hand furniture (and loved it – was even approached by the paint company to advertise their paint! Ahhh… thanks, but no thanks!)
Bernadette McClelland - StorySeller Keynote Speaker
And to top that off the USA Consulate gave us just 2 weeks notice for our ‘Green Card Interview’ which resulted in our passports being returned and stamped no less than 5 weeks later – a fairytale story… and who doesn’t waste a Green Card! 

So, I have been kind of trotting around with one foot in the stirrup moving countries and rebuilding my business in another land.

So how to get back up on that horse and begin to canter with some added certainty.

Here’s how I have begun, and plan to continue, my growth trajectory until I get that gallop in full swing:
  1. COMMIT TO THE NEXT LEVEL – it doesn’t matter whether that is buying a book, enrolling in a program, hiring a VA, bringing on board a mentor or joining a new group of people to lift you. We all need to commit to another level – if we don’t we spiral down into [insert your own word here]. For me, I need other voices, tough questions, different perspectives and someone who gets me and holds me to account and I need to totally respect that person so committing to the next level is finding those peeps. Who is in your orbit that does that for you?
  2. INVEST DOLLARS – Dollars are simply a currency to get you where you want to go. It might sting at first, depending on your meaning of money or the outcomes you want from that investment. I know for me the bigger the financial commitment, the quicker I get on the horse and the bigger my personal commitment. When you take advantage of something that is for free, you are only dabbling and the commitment is not there. I wouldn’t be sitting in Colorado looking out at the Rockies if I hadn’t invested dollars to take me to the next level – so where do you want to be 12 months from now? [I could tell you to ‘Come on in.. the water’s fine! 😊]
  3. LOSE THE ATTACHMENT – It’s so easy for us to stay attached to what we think SHOULD happen but when you remain focussed on your bigger intention, then doors open. If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Sliding Doors’, then you’ll realise the sooner you make a decision, any decision – BOOM!! Something happens that takes that walk to a trot, then to a canter and finally to a gallop. And pretty soon you’ll be out of those gates faster than you can say ‘hide the silver’!
So, friends, that is my newsletter for you this week. 

There is a lot going on in the world right now and we need to get the narrative in our heads working FOR us and not against us.

I hope this musing has given you some food for thought and inspired you to think differently about what you know you need to do next.

For me, what I need to do next is put my Keynote Speaker Microsite out there so I can start to have some more amazing conversations.

Here it is… if you know of a business that would love an energetic Keynote Speaker that brings a fresh, modern flavour to revenue generation and business growth.

On that note, continue to…

Stay Bold, Brave and Brilliant! 

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