Abstract Selling Wins Hands Down

I am so bored with hearing the same old mantra ‘Sell them what they want and give them what they need’. What does that mean? I know what it means but you never get to hear the rest of the equation, so I thought I would share a few extra thoughts with you here.

How many of us go into the supermarket to ‘just get a couple of things’ and walk out with a few other items that just happened to be at arms length or at eye level?

What does that tell us?

It tells us that those latter purchases were bought on emotion, on what we wanted at that point in time. However, the original reason for going to the supermarket was based on needs and yes, if you want to get pedantic you can track that back to basic emotions of hunger, health, love and survival if you want.

But many astute buyers today don’t buy on emotion, they can’t afford to. It is not their money they are spending, so they stick to their shopping list – to what they actually need.

So how do you sell them what they need?

You find out what their driving needs actually are. You ask questions designed to help THEM sell more as opposed to you selling more.

You find out what the businesses primary motivation for buying is?

Save money, launch products earlier, faster time to market, increase brand awareness, increase shareholder value, decrease competitor advantage, avoid departmental pain, increase staff productivity – all which ultimately comes back to a return on their investment with you so that the company can sell more and make more profits.

To advance a business conversation today, a salesperson must be able to have enough business acumen to discover even more about the customers business at a more abstract level aimed at a higher intention.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Abstract Selling Wins Hands Down

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