Are you a ‘more or less’ person?

You may be better at doing a task than I am. However, I am not less than you.

Let me explain…
27 years ago a little girl from a broken home never got to know her dad because he chose not to include her in his life.

Growing up she placed this man on a pedestal, hoping one day he might notice her and invite her into his world.

She used to believe that she wasn’t pretty enough, or smart enough or funny enough – trying to make sense in her childlike mind as to why he had physically, mentally and more importantly emotionally, ignored her.

She is an adult now and has a strong sense of self awareness, being able to see him as an inwardly, unfulfilled man and now seeing herself as pretty, smart and funny and a whole lot of other awesome things as well.

The reason I am sharing this true story with you is who in your life, have you placed on a pedestal and by doing so have made yourself less than?

Who has intimidated you in some way, be it business or personal, whereby you have thought you weren’t smart enough or intelligent enough or connected enough or worthy enough?

Have you not applied for a position because you felt less than…?Did you not take that opportunity of creating a relationship with someone new because you felt less than…? Have you stifled your dream and are currently living in regret because you felt less than…?

Consider these three frames of awareness:

  • I am not less than you. I may have stronger speaking skills than you, you
    may have stronger marketing skills than me.
  • You are not less than me. You may build rapport faster than me, I may write
    blogs more articulately than you.
  • We are equal. We may agree on similar values. We may disagree on different

Look at your schedule for this week and consider for a moment… with whom might you shift your thinking to one of equality and by doing so what new opportunity will you decide to open up?

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Are you a 'more or less' person?

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