Are you BOLD or BORING?

What is the one quality you think might shift your results this year – in ANY area?

I think being BOLD would have to be one of those qualities.

I guess I am lucky I was christened with this characteristic – Bernadette just happens to mean bold as a bear lol

It might be a good idea to understand what being bold actually means. It doesn’t mean arrogant or smart assy or up yourself as some people have described. It simply means that you are prepared to do something that stretches you in some way, that you are someone who is brave and courageous and will challenge your own status quo or that you are someone who is prepared to break the rules and call it as you see it.  Be prepared however, as  sometimes being bold will push other people’s buttons.

So here are three easy and quick ways you can be bolder than you already are  to achieve greater results:

  • Speak up in a group or even individually if need be. Debate a point or stand for something regardless of what others may say or think – because there is no right or wrong, just your perspective
  • Stop wanting to be liked by every man and his dog. Understand that no matter what you do people are going to find something about you they don’t like because that’s just the dynamics of living in this world of ours. People always have and always will come from their perspective of the world, with all their quirky hang-ups so stop trying to change you to fit in with what you think they expect of you.
  • Consider how your ideas might just impact someone else. Like this article. If I froze in fear of not sending this out every two weeks by worrying what I thought others would think about whether it’s been said before or if I wasn’t 100% correct or whether I was painting myself in a not so perfect light, I wouldn’t be giving some of you the momentum and impetus to drive your results. It would be selfish of me.

So own your stuff, be brave, challenge your current situation, break a few rules, call it as you see it and join me as we all become as bold as bears  and drive our results higher.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Are you BOLD or BORING?

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