Bernadette rocks Atlanta???

Well, am not sure about that but I do know Atlanta, GA certainly rocked my world and taught me a thing or two.

I had the privilege of speaking to a room filled with a salespeople and sponsors on how to have sales conversations that drive value and deliver million dollar results and we had a ball!

But what really rocked me was the way the morning started.

The VP of Sales introduced the sales meeting in the usual business like way and then asked one of the guys to lead the group with a prayer.

Now when I say prayer, I don’t mean sit down, stand up, and pick a bale of cotton prayer that I grew up with in church, but it was more a prayer that set an intention.

And as I am sitting at the back of the room waiting to be introduced I was thinking, this would not happen in any sales team I have been a part of – ever! But the weird thing was, from a speakers perception, I felt in a really safe environment – there was no fear.

So what is the message from all of this?

Well, I figure that if a sales team or any team for that matter stepped into that energy (one that is typically feminine) you wouldn’t necessarily need to break into prayer, but how cool would it be to substitute it with one of the following:

  • Acknowledge each other for something – anything…
  • Share something you are grateful for in your environment
  • Embrace an intention for the group for the day/week or the month as a common theme to work toward

What kind of an impact would that have on each individual? Would it show up different parts of people, would others feel safer and more cohesive as a group, or would the leader shy away from it… I wonder!

So I am going to adopt the gratitude part because when your brain moves from a hard core outcome focus to one of gratitude for your opportunities, it kills all fear because the focus is no longer just about you – your focus is on others!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Bernadette rocks Atlanta???

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