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A 6 Step Appointment Making Matrix To Get Your Foot In The Door

The most misunderstood component to finding new customers and getting your foot in the door can be identified and overcome with this sales resource.

How can you advance the sale if you can’t get the appointment? Discover why you are not selling your product but your time.

27 Provocative Sales Questions Winners Ask

The quality of a sales persons questions will determine the quality of their prospects answers.

How many of these 27 provocative questions do you feel comfortable asking?

Craft your conversations with purpose and precision.

How To Create A Compelling Proposal

What if you’re not in the boardroom? And your proposal is!

Use these 7 steps to ensure your proposal becomes your salesperson and demonstrates real value so you win the business!

The Ultimate Demonstration Matrix

Do you offer trials or demonstrations of your product?

Whether it be a photocopier or a pair of wellington boots, this tool will streamline your ability to help the buyer see the value in what you are offering and why.

Use this two page ‘cheat sheet’ to direct your conversation to one of true value.

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