We will help you help your team to have more impactful, relevant and commercial conversations by bringing STORYSELLING (not storytelling) into their sales narrative. This means they will:

  • Create stronger connection and trust in a sceptical sales environment
  • Sell change when nobody really cares about their product
  • Get the decision from multiple decision makers, sooner
  • Ask for the stories your buyers need to tell for you to deliver compelling, quantified proposals



For a select few sales teams that meet our criteria, we would love to facilitate one of your sales meetings – complimentary!

WIth remote sales meetings still very much on the agenda, our meetings can be virtual or face-or-face.

We will also include quality workbooks to help embed the learnings.


  1. Is there a difference between Complimentary and Free?

Most definitely.  Free has no strings attached and no regard for our value.

Complimentary has no strings attached, a huge regard for the value we bring plus an agreed and immediate value exchange comprising short term currency other than financial – an openness to meet after the event for the purpose of developing your sales culture further and the opportunity to extend our working relationship.

  1. How do we book a spot with you to discuss?

Please complete our questionnaire to schedule a sales meeting and we will reach out for an initial discussion with you, the sales leader, for a better understanding as to our mutual fit and the key ideas you want reinforced with your team.

  1. What is the meeting format?

🔔 30 Minutes teaching on the following outcomes:

    • Why the top sellers tell stories and how you can to?
    • The 7 stories every seller must tell
    • How to create buyer buy-in from connection to conversion

🔔 15 minutes Q&A and group coaching
🔔 15 minutes wrap up and bridging activities

We look forward to you accepting our fresh new approach to prospecting, buyer risk mitigation and an equal value exchange.

To apply for your Complimentary Sales Meeting, simply complete this form below.

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