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Thermal Electrics are an engineering business located in Coffs Harbour and Managing Director, Julie Jardine, realised that sales weren’t converting as often as they could be. Having been introduced to Bernadette through a third party, they engaged her to introduce new systems and create a culture with modern day selling approaches, but were concerned that the sales team being so technical might not adapt to a solution selling approach.

As Julie said, “Bernadette’s style and methodology was invaluable to the company and her teachings have been incorporated into the company culture and still being used today.” As one sales rep said, “Bernadette did more than hand out a workbook and teach, she put people in the hot seat and engaged us all as she stepped through scenarios, ensured we enjoyed the role plays and facilitated through the use of group coaching and discussion.”

Since working with Bernadette Thermal Electrics have had a year of solid sales growth and Julie has recommended Bernadette to the TEC circuit because she delivers brilliantly and practices what she preaches.


Rainbird Australia are a leader in irrigation hardware and software and National Sales Manager, Socrates Cromdos, wanted to streamline their messaging and sales conversations because they were losing business. But they had a very new team.

Approaching Bernadette McClelland through a referral,  Socrates shared their need for a frame-work that was affordable and relevant to their unique sales environment. Having two sides to the business – Golf and Councils – they decided to bring together both the new hires and the veterans  with a focus on accelerating the sale, shortening time to market and positioning themselves as experts. With a concern that the veterans might not see value in the engagement, Socrates said, “even the old heads enjoyed the training saying it was one of the best they had attended and nobody said they ‘had heard it before’ or ‘it was a waste of time”. With a quick win and displacement of a competitor the following day and another salesperson revising their presentation to become a front runner in a project they certainly achieved their objective.


Tempur-Pedic ANZ are a front-runner in mattresses and headquartered in Melbourne.  John Lawrence, National Sales Manager wanted to shift the ethos of the sales organisation. With a sales team ranging from sales veterans to new hires, it was important the team was further developed to boost sales, gain further market share and accelerate client satisfaction and advocacy scores.

Bernadette had approached John a few years earlier through a ‘cold call’ and decided to call her and meet. As a result, they collaborated on a 12-month program beginning with a SKO presentation prior to implementing a 90-day readiness assessment. This measured consumer and store perspectives providing a baseline for qualitative and quantitative measurements, and the insights helped sales refine their messaging, presentation skills and sales results.

As Lawrence said, “Bernadette is different. She has become an extension of where we are leading the business and that, for us, is extremely exciting. Who else acts as a sounding board just because she cares? Bernadette does and that values alignment, coupled with her skill set and personal buy-in is what is making this arrangement so successful” With a focus on being industry experts as opposed to salespeople, the team overachieved their revenue targets year on year and client advocacy scores were also ‘smashed’.


TRJ Engineering is a mid-size business based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and founder David Murphy realised that whilst they were already in a strong growth phase, he needed to invest further in the sales function of their business.  After one of Bernadette’s presentations at the CEO Institute he asked her to call him. They met and worked on three key areas:

– building out a robust revenue generating and milestone based sales process
– recruiting and onboarding their first external salesperson and
– reviewing their initiatives around accountability, sales leadership and business development.

David’s concern was that he had never hired a salesperson before but after making the decision, he said, “Not only has Bernadette helped us focus on the sales function of our business with internal systems and role clarity around expectations, but our market penetration and revenue generation has increased enormously.” Everybody was on the same page.


Agar Cleaning Systems are respected business in the chemical and cleaning industries. To achieve their stretch target they needed to create stronger sales process and systems.  The challenge CEO, Steve Agar found himself with was based on the industry changes with distributors and end users which meant the sales culture that was heavily customer focussed needed to complement and add more sales centric skills.

Bernadette McClelland was referred to Agar through the CEO Institute and together they laid out a long term roadmap reinforcing the sales culture”through accountability around the quality and quantity of activity, as well as outcomes. Together, we have brought direction, resolve and organisation to our sales management team and we believe our reps have benefitted from Bernadette are better salespeople because of it” said, Steve Agar. Agar were able to overachieve their annual growth target of 10% as a result.


The Allcon Group is a family business with over 100 years’ collective experience in concrete construction equipment. With second and third generation family members, passion is not lacking. But Managing Director, Bruce Weeks, realised what was lacking was the ability to ‘consultatively’ sell in a heavily product based environment. Bruce engaged Bernadette McClelland (as a result of her LinkedIn prospecting efforts).

Not having invested over an extended period of nine months before, Bruce was concerned over the ROI. They agreed on a plan culminating in ‘The Selling Game’, so that behavioural shifts would help the team move from a very product focussed, brochure driven sales process to one where prospecting efforts and more importantly the ability to sell value in a price driven industry was based on the buyers expectations and journey. Over that timeframe, Bruce noted ‘the team were constantly engaged and two of the areas we saw the biggest shifts were in the crafting of our key message where we were able to connect more fully with the customer in the initial call and build the relationship to the point of increasing our sales as well as the ability to ask stronger questions to get our buyers perspectives’  ” As their activity increased so did their sales success.

Apparel Manufacturing

The Workwear Group is a Wesfarmers business and through Covid, Sam Robinson, Business Manager – SME/Online, was like many national leaders  –  he was struggling to help his people sell remotely. Business was not growing as fast as it needed to grow.

Having 5 regional sales managers with a collective team of 30 people, he decided to engage the services of Bernadette McClelland. They rolled out a virtual instructor led training within the SME team and as Sam said ,‘From my perspective, Bernadette added enormous value to the team and building new business opportunities by sharing numerous successful prospecting call approaches.” He also said, ‘Feedback from the leadership team was positive as she enabled discussions that had been difficult in gaining traction, without an external voice reinforcing those messages”. Over time the culture began shifting as did results.

Pest Control

Northwest Exterminating is one of the USA’s leading pest control companies. Having grown from a family of 2 in 1951 to over 500 throughout Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolina’s, Head of Sales, Jeff Dunn, engaged Bernadette McClelland to wor with their Sales Trainer, Mark DiNunzio to optimise the growth of the business.

With her body of work accredited by the Real Estate body in order to capitalise on CE points, she was able to work with their 60 strong sales team over a period of two years to help influence their message to market skills, their negotiation skills and their overall sales mindset.

As Jeff Dunn said, “Her trainings were followed by a year of company growth and her teachings have been incorporated into our business’ sales training materials year on year. Our sales team always enjoy Bernadette’s style and she is extremely accommodating and easy to work with.”

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