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Science Based Tools and Resources

High Performance Mindset

A COURSE SPECIFICALLY FOR ANYONE IN A REVENUE GENERATING ROLE.  For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Individual Contributors and Sales Managers responsible for holding salespeople accountable to growing new business opportunities.


We know how tough it can be in today’s uncertain sales landscape and…and that’s why we’re here – to help!

If you are struggling, or simply want to climb another rung on your ladder, then this online course is perfect for you!

Do the following sound slightly familiar?

  • You hear voices – well, those voices that are not supportive of sales environments
  • You experience low or no motivation within the responsibilities of your role
  • You are not aware you have ‘money issues’ that could be sabotaging your revenue generation
  • There is a certain lack of clarity in your role and causes you to feel frustrated
  • You lack certainty around goal setting and therefore, passion in your role
  • You find yourself wanting some kind of guarantee success (more than you have now!)
  • You want to ‘amp up’ your sales skills and confidence but not sure what those areas are?
  • You want to know how to set yourself up to play your best game yet, make more money and make a difference, too?

A vital element required to transform yourself from a run of the mill salesperson to a world-class salesperson is to develop a ‘High Performance Sales Mindset’. This course is designed to make you even more successful than you are now by learning how to make those small, transformational changes.

Consisting of three very powerful modules, the lessons within are backed by science and are evidence based. The evidence results from the work of The Objective Management Group. Areas covered include mindset, motivation, the crucial elements to success, the will to sell, what really motivates you to overachieve and those hidden human weaknesses you are not even aware that you have.

Shall we begin?



Bernadette McClelland

CEO, 3 Red Folders

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