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Pragmatic Prospecting

A COURSE SPECIFICALLY FOR ANYONE IN A REVENUE GENERATING ROLE.  For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Individual Contributors and Sales Managers responsible for holding salespeople accountable to growing new business opportunities.

In a noisy and complex business world, there is so much uncertainty. Especially when it comes to creating a sense of interest and urgency for a prospective buyer to meet with any of us.

There is also so much confusion and mixed messages.  Do I use the telephone or social media? Do I speak to the ‘gatekeeper’. Do I try to go straight for the decision maker, and if so what do I say?

The reason that sales results aren’t where they should be, is due to a million different reasons.  One thing is for certain – getting a clean, flowing pipeline is a priority! And the only way we can do that is to see the buyer in the first place.

Pragmatic Prospecting is by far one of my most sought after face to face workshop topics. It makes perfect sense to bring it online so you can do it in your own time.

Because I am not with you to make sure you do what I suggest you do, the execution is up to you. I guarantee  if you follow the ‘flow’, you are guaranteed to feel ‘normal and you’ when you make those calls and confidently share your reason for meeting someone.

Please let me know how you go. Feedback is very important to me and I especially enjoy success stories like the following 🙂

Take the plunge and join us on yet another one of our virtual coaching programs and once completed, add another certification to your experience with us 🙂

Kind Regards


Bernadette McClelland

CEO, 3 Red Folders

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