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Guaranteed to Exceed Budgets, Boost Influence and Strengthen Business Acumen


We know how tough it is having to sell your product, service or idea in today’s uncertain landscape and…and that’s why we’re here – to help!

If you are struggling or just want some different insights and ideas on how to sharpen your saw a little more, then this online course is perfect for you!

Do the following sound slightly familiar?

  • Lagging sales
  • Stalled deals
  • Not able to differentiate yourself in the market
  • Bloated pipelines
  • Uncertainty of solid questioning skills
  • Losing money
  • Wanting guaranteed success (well more than you have now!)
  • Want to amp up your confidence but not sure what those areas are?
  • Want to know how to have commercial conversations with the C Suite with confidence?

These questions are critical questions to answer, because you need to know why you are here and what areas you want help in.

Now you will be able to operate a business, a territory or a team with more mutual win/wins, less stress, greater results (the ones that matter the most), more market share, greater share of wallet, shorter time to market and more successful by learning how to make those small, transformational changes in your approach.

Take the next step in your career and discover how to succeed even more.

In this virtual training and coaching program, the founder of 3 Red Folders and international B2B sales authority, Bernadette McClelland, will work with you and provide a stack of tools, techniques, cheat sheets, resources and support, to amplify your potential as a business person who sells. She shares those key conversations every successful salesperson, or leader, MUST know how to have.

Through field based tasks, short quizzes, video coaching, audio resources and complementary workbooks, this course will provide you with everything you need to boost your influence, strengthen your business acumen and allow you to successfully achieve those results that matter the most (see below).

This course is to also act as a refresher and embedding program to those clients who have undergone our ‘Psychology of Selling’ face to face training, or who have worked with us in a sales coaching and mentoring capacity.

The teaching style that works for us, and our clients, is very straight to the point, very boots on the ground style – because we get you! With a background as quota bearing salespeople and a role today that relies on selling, we have your back!

So let’s get started…

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