Is the day of the dinosaur salesperson over?

Salespeople who do not move with the times will lose their jobs.


If you are someone who has been in the same role, with the same accounts, selling the same products for years.

If you are someone who tells the same stories, approaches customers the same way, thinks personal and professional development is for the woo woo people.

If you are someone who thinks social media is a waste of space, thinks marketing is for the marketing department, refuses to see the value in CRMs, then think again!

You may be earmarked as a dinosaur.

Salespeople, more than anyone, need to reassess the way they approach their role, or guaranteed, those who are out there researching, laying foundations, having deeper conversations, trying something different, will replace you.

Yes, whilst the buying process has changed I don’t necessarily think the sales process needs to be completely re-invented. I think it needs to have additional plug-ins. Just like a WordPress website has plug-ins to enhance and augment it, so too does the sales process.

Conscious selling, Social selling, Entrepreneurial selling… those elite salespeople who are keen to embrace and approach these additional skill sets are those who have the flexibility to communicate with any and every buyer.

It is these professionals who sales will soar because they care enough to contribute to both their business and their clients.

What's your content to noise ratio?

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