Deliberate Disruption

3 Fail Proof Ways To Embrace Deliberate Disruption

Deliberate Disruption

This time last year in New York City, I realised a dream and launched my last book, “Shift and Disrupt: Stop Selling Widgets. Start Selling Wisdom,” and I could not have been more proud of the book and the feedback.

The feedback focussed on the need for salespeople to have more deeper conversations with buyers and of course one aspect is the need for all of us to address the internal stories we all tell ourselves about everything from money to authority and anything in between – all those aspects of life that sabotage our opportunities and hold us back.

After appearing on the Mastering Modern Selling podcast last week with Carson V. Heady and Tom Burton, (Brandon Lee was AWOL ) and I highly recommend you listen to these three guys as well, it became clear once again, that a shift in focus in the business world is still extremely necessary, especially when it comes to inspiring change in our buyers worlds.

People are yearning for deeper insights—buyers and sellers, alike.

It’s almost like everyone wants a snow globe to shake, so they can change up the scene when it gets too much.

And as someone who has introduced new ideas around #ConsciousSelling through my book “The Art of Commercial Conversations” and #StorySelling through “Shift and Disrupt,” upping the ante with another much needed body of work to help sellers and leaders ‘shake up’ their thinking and approach to the market at a deeper, more transformational level, made sense.

Introducing Deliberate Disruption

The premise behind Deliberate Disruption is simple – ‘if leaders or sales teams don’t deliberately disrupt the way they think, feel, and act, then something or someone else will do it to them or for them.’

Deliberate Disruption demands the courage to follow your heart and the convictionto break free from both external pressures and self-imposed limits, so that you can effortlessly achieve the outcomes you deserve, without selling out on yourself.

Two sides of the meaningful change coin.

The Deliberate Disruption framework is anchored in three core principles:

Deliberate Disruption Model

Two sides of the meaningful change coin.

Identity (Start With Who: True Colours):

Identity in this context I believe is a little bit like the ‘Wild West’. In the quest for better sales performance, businesses often invest heavily in new techniques, methodologies, and tools.

However, despite these efforts, the expected results frequently fall short. The reason? They are overlooking the uncharted and complex territory of personal beliefs, self-perception, and cultural influences. Understanding who we are and what we stand for is the foundation of effective leadership and sales. It’s about recognising our strengths, values, and unique contributions but it’s also about addressing self sabotaging behaviours, which almost always goes unaddressed.

For sales teams, a strong sense of identity helps build authentic relationships with clients, fostering trust and results – so why not strengthen that even more!

Intention: (Be Deliberate: True North)

This involves more than setting purposeful goals and aligning our actions with our core values. It also incorporates accountability, ensuring that everyone (leaders and teams) are responsible for decisions and outcomes.

Leaders and sales professionals who act with intention are more likely to make decisions that drive meaningful change and growth. Its might be about being deliberate in our actions and staying focused on our objectives but it’s also about tapping into internal resources that business typically does not value – resources such as intuition and the ability to inspire change in others.

To inspire = to breathe life into something, so how do you do that? Create change in you and around you?

Iteration: (Beyond Resilience: True Grit)

In this VUCA economy (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), with the emphasis on volatile, or rapidly changing, learning from experiences is great. Embracing failures as learning opportunities is even better, and constantly refining our strategies so we get even stronger because of those failures is the best.

Mental health and wellness comes into play for personal and professional growth because we need to address and prepare for ‘black swan’ moments. But in my opinion, it’s not about bouncing back anymore, it about going beyond mere resilience. It’s about Evolution 101.

Two sides of the meaningful change coin.

Cultivating a culture of courage and conviction is to open yourself up to your stories, your challenges, your aspirations and your results and to do so with joy. That’s what will drive performance.

Deliberate Disruptionis about proactively shaping change not just reacting to it.

I want to encourage you to take risks, inspire yourself, inspire others, and push beyond those counterproductive behaviours because that’s when you not only achieve exceptional results, that’s when you look forward to Monday mornings, as well!

Stay tuned for more insights as I unwrap more practical applications of the Deliberate Disruption model in the coming weeks!

I’d love you to join me!

As usual…

Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant!

Bernadette McClelland

I bring an extremely powerful and relevant message to the front of the room or to the wider market with my keynotes – ‘The Courage of Conviction and Deliberate Disruption’.

Because if you are not disrupting yourself in the way you think, feel and act – then something or someone else will!

My message is designed for business owners, leaders and salespeople to embrace the courage of their convictions so they can step out, with deliberation, and lead with impact, overcome uncertainty, align brand messages and win more business in a volatile and uncertain economy.

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