What about the desperate buyer?

We hear so much about the desperate salesperson but what about the desperate buyer?

I want the person I am selling to care about me as a person and as a professional. I want you to care enough about me before the sale to demonstrate you will care enough about me after the sale. Care enough to not make me feel belittled about what I sell. Care enough not to belittle what I sell, to make it seem too expensive for what YOU perceive you will get. Care enough not to belittle me by making me justify to the nth degree why what I sell is actually worthwhile.

It reminds me of sales training years ago when we were thrown into a room and given a paper clip to sell and belittled when we couldn’t come up with benefits. Or made to play the sales game where you passed if you could get through the belittling role play of your manager. These experiences leave scars with many people and so does the buyer today who makes you feel desperate enough to jump through scarcity based hoops to get the discounted business.

I say treat us salespeople with respect and get to know us as a seller as much as we want to respect you and get to know you as a buyer. We realise everyone is so busy today and competitors are knocking on your door en masse, but you have a responsibility to your company to not take the cheapest deal, to not screw the salesperson down because it’s a game, to not be a desperate buyer.

If that is how you choose to do business you will never get the quality service you are searching to buy. There is a difference between cost and investment. There is a difference between cost and quality and there is a difference between cost and value. Get clear on what you want to buy and if it is an investment, based on quality and value then let’s talk. Here is my number.

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