It starts with a feeling

Not a thought.

One day something feels NQR

Not aligned to what’s important to you.

How do you know when to quit?

How do you know when to go again?

It’s so easy

Move your hand from your forehead,

Put your hand on your gut.

Then your hand on your heart.

Your body will tell you…

Quit or go again.

Don’t overthink things

Don’t look to other people to say what you should or shouldn’t do.

It’s not about asking for permission

Or looking for approval.

They are not you.

If you need to quit and walk away.

Quit and walk away.

And do so with intention.

If you feel you need to iterate,

to change direction,

to do something bigger and better,

or smaller and smarter,

then do that very thing.

And do so with intention.

Quit or go again!

What’s it to be?

Are you all in no matter your decision?

Or only half the person you could be?

Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant

Keynote Speaker - Bernadette McClelland - Sales Leadership and Mindset Speaker Selling in the Connection Economy. A 5-step sales philosophy for franchises, associations and corporates



Bernadette McClelland is a Sales Leadership and Mindset Speaker whose message for businesses, sales teams and associations is based on doing business in this new Connection Economy.

Her signature keynote 'SELLING. SELLING. SOUL'd' is ideal for event organisers within corporate, associations and franchise groups looking to increase revenues and differentiate theselves in today's competitive market. Leveraging her 5-step philosophy she provides essential insights for her audiences to sell more by inspiring them to flip the script and inspire the buyer.

3 Red Folders is her sales leadership consultancy where she has a reputation for helping businesses create sales smart cultures through sales strategy, process and psychology.

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