Do You Fit The Mold?

As the author of the recently published book ‘The First Sale Is ALWAYS To Yourself’, I firmly believe that success for business people who sell, comes down to two factors:

  • Conviction in your purpose and therefore your intention
  • Conviction in yourself and therefore your execution of that intention.

As someone who has been in B2B selling for three decades, I have personally witnessed the staged transitions from product based sales, relationship sales, solution sales and consultative sales, bringing us to a moment in time where these styles alone are not enough for a business to succeed. It is no longer about farmers or hunters.

Farmers may sow the seed and nurture and cultivate the relationships but it’s not enough in today’s crazy busy world. People are too ‘on purpose’ to take calls from the sales person who calls up to ask ‘how are you going’ or who wants to while away a morning drinking coffee.

And to those sales hunters who get their energy off the hunt, make the kill and move, businesses are saying NO MORE! We don’t want to be sold to, we want someone to help us make a difference in our business.

A new breed of salesperson needs to knock on doors today. That person must:

  • be someone who is really business savvy
  • be able to get in and get out of an account with precision but still stay on the customers radar
  • be able to question with laser like focus
  • have the certainty to call it as it is
  • not be afraid to voice their opinion
  • be willing to rock the boat in some cases
  • value personal and professional growth
[/list1] The challenge today is not about motivating salespeople, it’s about embracing 21st century strategies such as personal leadership, sales leadership and thought leadership in order to boldly make sure that first sale is ALWAYS to yourself!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Do You Fit The Mold?

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