Do you lie to yourself?

That’s a pretty harsh question but consider what a lie is… it is a story that you have made up and you either believe it or you don’t, but it is serving you in the moment. We all do it, we all have done it and we will more than likely all do it in the future. In the context of pipeline growth though, let’s consider some stories you may be telling yourself and others –

  • Are there names on that list that if someone was to ring that prospect would the prospect consider he was a prospect or would he say ‘Really, he thinks I want to buy now?’
  • Are there names in that funnel that could be closed but you don’t know what the next strategy step is and you are too proud/scared/embarrassed to ask someone to help you?
  • Are their names on that list that are made up? No comment to this one but it does happen.
  • Are there names on that list that if you asked different questions you might find even more business?
  • Are there names on that list that if you were to remove them it might mean you have to find more business to replace them?
  • Are there names on that list that you are working on because they are driven by people you are comfortable with and names on the list that you could be working on but aren’t because you don’t ‘click’ with them?

Food for thought! Time to do some housekeeping, don’t you think? Have a phenomenal week.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Do you lie to yourself?

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