Do your buyers have ADD?

The biggest issues my corporate business clients come to our coaching sessions with is almost always related to results, time management and overwhelm. Crazy busy is a great way to refer to the world of business today and the attention spans of these otherwise highly intelligent beings are limited, causing all sorts of chaos, if not at work, then definitely at home.

It used to be the guy down the street who was the salesperson’s major competition, but not now – it’s this guy!

As soon as you walk out the door or hang up the phone, the next email is there for your contact to answer, the next voicemail is being left, the next text is vibrating wanting your attention and the next meeting is being scheduled with someone else. You will be an afterthought – unless that is, you keep pestering them with ‘just touching base’ calls, but because they are already topped up with busy-ness, you are now just another salesperson grouped with all the other salespeople, and depending on how many ‘touch bases’ calls you make, you could really be delegated to the bottom of the list.

So what do you do?

What customers do want to talk about is:

  • Discussing the financial impact of things
  • They want to talk business language so it sounds like it is their business talking
  • Their challenges, business, metrics and results
  • They want you to teach them something – as the professional who sees heaps of customers (their competition), they want you to share what you see and hear, they want you to give them the insights, to connect the dots across the industry.

Rather than wrestle with thoughts of ‘that’s not my forte’ and ‘I won’t know what to say’, venture into uncertainty and get good at this – this week!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Do your buyers have ADD?

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