Everyone Lives by Selling Something

All of us have something to sell. Robert Louis Stevenson quoted all those years ago “Everyone lives by selling something” whether it is an idea, selling ourselves on a relationship, a skill, a job or recognising our own talents – we are all selling.

Everyone is a salesperson, everyone has meaningful conversations with other people to exchange one thing or another. Influence is one of the most important skills we can possess, but having great influencing skills is pointless if your beliefs are not solid underneath.

Beliefs will make you more influential or less influential because your beliefs are the stories you tell yourself about yourself. Stories such as, ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’m not good enough to talk to the C Level’,  ‘Those sales guys are better than me’, ‘My customers can’t afford the top of the line’. Beliefs are simply stories or lies that you tell yourself that can empower you or disempower you.  They demonstrate to the world the internal resourcefulness you choose to tap into or not on a daily basis.

Your Skill Set are the tools you have available to you that are the external resources. Tools such as understanding your product and company and market. Getting to know the industry and the roles your clients play along with their KPIs and what moves them. When you can link the benefits of what you offer to the needs of the customer this is a skill set. As is tapping into the psychology around why people do what they do, knowing how to create real rapport rather than just being likeable, and having the questioning skills to invoke curiosity.

These are the two factors, internal and external, empowering and disempowering, resources and resourcefulness and this is what true leaders live by on a daily basis.

What needs to be upgraded in your tool kit  – your beliefs or your skill set?

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Everyone Lives by Selling Something

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