Flip the coin! Heads or Hearts?

I had the pleasure of being interviewed this morning by Nick Psaila as part of his ‘Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things’ series. (15 minute video here if you are so inclined).

During the interview, he asked me a number of questions and one of them was:

What 3 things do you think contribute to the success of a corporate or SME, with businesses going through challenging times today?

When you are put on the spot like that and asked a question that you haven’t had a chance to prepare for, two things can happen.

  • The answer comes from your heart or
  • The answer comes from your head.
[/list3] When you allow it to come from the heart, that simply means you are able to be who you are, answer how you feel fit or how you see things, and you will be in flow by not worrying about how it should sound.

When you answer from the head you are so not in flow that it can be uncomfortable for those around you and you lose your influence and your uniqueness.

So what were my three heart based answers to a very head based question?

  • Corporations and SME’s, like churches and other institutions, are made up of people. So we are now talking about personal leadership and not business. Whilst I am not religious, the word FAITH is on my wall for those moments where I feel challenged. When I do get that yucky feeling of fear, uncertainty or doubt I just look at it, smile and keep going with a real knowing. My advice – Find your word.
  • The questions you ask yourself are crucial. Instead of being introspective and ‘Why Me?’ or ‘Why Not Me?”, acknowledge the expertise you already have, the strengths you have yet to give and the ideas that you know will make a difference and ask a different question. One that begins with HOW. One that acknowledges what you do have to give and how you are able to help both others and yourself. You need to benefit both. Mine, for example is, ‘How can I take my strengths to benefit myself and others even more?” and off I go …prepared to do just that. My advice – Find yourself a question.
  • Having written the book ‘The First Sale is Always To Yourself’, I cannot not mention that to move through challenging times, whatever it is you move toward, you must own it. You must believe totally in the values and vision of your company, your product you must be able to articulate and demonstrate with pride and conviction and you must believe in your ability to deliver with breadth and depth. My advice – Find something you can own.
[/list3] I hope at least one of these answers resonates with you and will help make a difference in your day today.

Happy for you to share your thoughts on my blog here.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Flip the coin! Heads or Hearts?

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