Follow the crumbs

We all remember the story of Hansel and Gretel and how the idea of leaving a trail of breadcrumbs would eventually allow them to find their way out of the forest.

There are two pertinent messages that come out of this story:

  • I have no idea why kids stories were so scary and
  • Following the trail of crumbs in business can lead us to bigger and better results.

I am staggered at opportunities that get passed up or frowned upon because they aren’t ‘top dollar’ or ‘the full enchilada’. Where the expectations or entitlement of the salesperson is too high or the ignorance of the person too great.

There is money sometimes being left on the table because crumbs aren’t being picked up and trails not followed.

The objective today, where choices are becoming more and more limited, is to get your foot in the door in order to potentially prove yourself. It’s not about discounting, but you can lower the cost if there are other currencies involved. There must be an exchange of value if you are to strategically review your costs.

Let me explain. I have just signed a contract for a ‘less than’ dollar fee to speak at an upcoming state conference. Did I ‘discount’ or did I strategically choose to recognise an additional form of currency? I viewed it as a crumb, as a trail to bigger and better results. Based on my delivering value, I will be asked to speak at the national conference for my usual fee and some additional benefits. I think that is a pretty good ROI.

Quite often it is the crumb that leads to the slice, that leads to the loaf, and before you know it you will have all the dough you could ever knead. (Ok! I know… pretty lame, but my 18 year old son now works part time as a baker and well… that’s how we now roll :))

So what are the opportunities in front of you, that may look less than desirable at first glance, but by highlighting an additional currency, may provide you with potentially bigger and better results?

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Follow the crumbs

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