SeagullsFour years ago, I was fortunate to be invited to Boston from Australia to join 20 women who are renowned sales experts in the space of B2B selling from North America and Canada. The following year we met in Minneapolis and last year 32 of us met in Seattle. This year we will congregate in Chicago.

Our community is known as the WomenSalesPros and is all about inspiring anyone in a sales position with new ideas, insight, tools, and recommendations, but it is also THE place to find the top women B2B sales experts, keynote speakers, breakout speakers, bloggers, authors, consultants, trainers, and coaches in B2B sales.

I have no soapbox to stand on, however hanging with a group that is both powerful in their approach to their profession and capable of being just as playful, has helped me enormously as a ‘woman who sells’ here in Australia, to play a bigger game.

After reading a post by my friend and colleague, Tony Hughes on ‘the best man for the job is a wo-man’ it seems fitting to leverage that post and share the names and contact details of a number of these world class women for the job – a list that far exceeds the best man.

In a world where gender diversity, quotas for boards, glass ceilings that can’t be broken through and the power of leaning in, this group of women are definitely sitting at the table and they are not just ready to talk, but ready to collaborate, co-opete and connect at a level where making real change happen, occurs.

Their words are already inside the pages of the top selling sales and sales leadership books, their messages are making their way into sales teams across the world through all sorts of channels and their voices are slowly being heard on the main stage at conferences even though this platform is still outnumbered by men.

I have shared some of their names and twitter handles here so I strongly suggest you hang out with these 40 dynamos and watch your thinking shift. In addition, I have added another list below that often gets little or no focus, so check that out too:

Lori Richardson – President, Score More Sales @scoremoresales
Jill Konrath – Founder, JILL KONRATH @jillkonrath
Trish Bertucci – President & Chief Strategist, The Bridge Group [email protected]
Colleen Stanley – President, SalesLeadership, [email protected]
Ardath Albee – CEO & B2B Marketing Strategist, Marketing [email protected]
Nancy Bleeke – President and Chief Sales Officer, SalesProInsider, [email protected]
Deb Calvert – President People First Productivity Solutions @peoplefirstps
Colleen Francis – Owner, Engage Selling Solutions @engagecolleen
Kendra Lee – President, KLA [email protected]
Lisa Leitch – Sales Strategist, Teneo [email protected]
Lauren Bailey – President, Factor [email protected]
Joanne Black – President, No More Cold [email protected]
Connie Brubaker – President, Integrity Training [email protected]
Carolyn Coradeschi – President, Rain Maker [email protected]
Lisa Dennis – President & Founder, Knowledgence Associates @knowledgence
Melinda Emerson – President, MFE Consulting, LLC @smallbizlady
Josiane Feigon – Founder, TeleSmart Communcations, Inc. @josianefeigon
Barbara Giamanco – CEO, Social Centered Selling LLC @barbaragiamanco
Gretchen Gordon – Founder, Braveheart Sales Performance @braveheartsales
Celina Guerrero – Social Selling Trainer, Social To Sales @socialtosales
Julie Hansen – Founder, Performance Sales and Training @acting4sales
Jill Harrington – President, salesSHIFT @jillsalesshift
Alice Heiman – President & Chief Sales Officer, Alice Heiman, LLC @aliceheiman
Connie Kandinsky – Founder, Exceptional Sales Performance @Kandinsky
Alice Kemper – President, Sales Training Consultants, Inc. @bestsalestips
Carole Mahoney Coach & Consultant, Carole Mahoney LLC @icarolemahoney
Bernadette McClelland – Founder, Bernadette McClelland Consulting @b_mcclelland
Lisa Earle McLeod – President, McLeod & More, Inc. @lisaearlemcleod
Anne Miller – Sales & Presentation Specialist, Chiron Associates, Inc. @annemillerny
Jeanette Nyden – J.D. President, J. Nyden & Co., Inc. @jeanettenyden
Laura Posey – Small Business Growth Expert, Dancing Elephants Achievement Group @lauraposey
Kathryn Rose – Social Media strategist, Kathryn Rose Consulting @katrose
Anneke Seley – Advisor to CEO, Reality Works Group LLC @annekeseley
Nancy Solomon – President, WomenThink™ @nancydsolomon
Babette Ten Haken – Founder & President, Sales Aerobics for Engineers, LLC @babettetenhaken
Viveka von Rosen – CEO, LinkedIn To Business @LinkedInExpert
Andrea Waltz – Founder, Courage Crafters @goforno
Barbara Weaver Smith – Founder & CEO, The Whale Hunters, Inc. @bweaversmith
Wendy Weiss – President, @wendyweiss
Liz Wendling – President, Insight Business Consultants @lizwendling4


There are other women, however, who are equally as important as these female sales experts highlighted above, and they are the women on the front line in professional sales roles who are meeting with buyers on a day to day basis, juggling so much in order to shift the status quo and create their own change.

Women who are working mums, veterans, new hires, commission based sellers, enterprise saleswomen and so many other ‘titles’, who also have the ability to sit at the table and talk. Women who are strong and confident and have so much to offer:

1. If they are given the chance and

2. If they give themselves the chance

According to Catalyst only 14% of women are in sales leadership roles and finding the ratios of women in B2B sales roles is even more difficult – suffice to say, the average quoted number across sales teams is around 26% female. In my experience and many of my colleagues many teams are still 100% male.

My question to those 86% of male sales leaders, would be around how they meet the needs of the minority of their team where there is probably a gender disconnect (rather than a desire not to see their women climb their own ladder) and where a strong competitive advantage can be leveraged even more.

It’s not all bias

As for the women, what’s stopping them from leveraging their competitive advantage is self belief and self esteem culminating in a lack of conviction. It’s the #1 factor I find that crosses my path, well in excess of skill set and capability and it shows up in approximately 50% of the sales population, according to the OMG Survey and Assessments.
[blockquote text=”The benefit of belonging to a group of women has nothing to do with men vs women, but everything to do with women vs themselves.” text_color=”” width=”” line_height=”undefined” background_color=”” border_color=”” show_quote_icon=”no” quote_icon_color=””] If you are a professional B2B woman who sells and you don’t have access to a female mentor, role model or tribe that you can check in with regularly, who challenges your thinking and helps shift you from the status quo through strategy to success across all forms of leadership (personal, thought and sales), then my suggestion is – find one!

If you are a sales leader and you:

1. Have women on your team and
2. You want to shore up your competitive advantage

then add your key female sales women, your potential best and brightest revenue generators to our growing list on Twitter, under the list ‘Women Who Sell’ or give them a huge shout out here and I will add them. Let’s stop talking about it and do something constructive albeit a small social measure.

If you are a professional business woman who sells and you would like to join us at our website feel free to visit for regular ideas and strategies to activate your results, competitive edge and leadership potential.
[blockquote text=”The shifting sales landscape needs more women in B2B sales roles” text_color=”” width=”” line_height=”undefined” background_color=”” border_color=”” show_quote_icon=”no” quote_icon_color=””] What is also central to this idea is that we are entering the ‘Connection Economy’ at a rapid rate of knots and that doesn’t just call for Social Selling, Navigator Knowledge or C Level Cultivation.

It calls for engagement, collaboration and amplification of connection – strengths women already have in spades and therefore must continue to be tapped into and led with, but also alongside the men who recognise and support them.

We already have a list of female experts above so how about balancing that with a list of female sales women in the B2B environment that can continue to inspire us or be inspired by us and can help us as we master real connection, collaboration and commercial conversations.

I can start the ball rolling by sharing the names of just a few successful female sales professionals I have had the pleasure of knowing, working with and who currently collaborate with me in The Hive Mentoring Program:

How about you…..who can you think of to add to this inaugural list of Women Who Sell who will act as role models and who,to achieve their outcomes, are prepared to just do it?

We have a new hashtag – #womenwhosell

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Bernadette McClelland - Keynote Speaker

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