From Back Rooms to Board Rooms

It doesn’t matter if you are presenting to a group of IT gurus sitting in their back rooms surrounded by the sound of humming hard drives or whether you are with the executives in the lofty penthouse boardroom – your ability to speak in public is crucial to your marketing and sales success.

  • Get clear on the context of your presentation, pitch or proposal.
  • Think ahead to how the audience will perceive your content.
  • Work the room and make good eye contact – don’t just stand in one place, remember those on the edges – keep them engaged and on their toes.
  • Prepare for changing scenarios ie those random drop-ins or when people leave half way through, the inaccurate timing of your presentation start and finishes, how it’s OK to go down meandering streams and go with the flow but always be in control and bring it back on point.
  • Own your presentation, claim it no matter who helped you prepare as that will provide a level of certainty needed to own your ‘stage’ no matter the size.
  • Don’t just know your topic, be passionate about it and don’t be afraid to ‘be you’.
  • Be funny and be funny fast – with respect

The most important tip of all? Be there to serve your audience, it’s ALL about them, never about you!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

From Back Rooms to Board Rooms...

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