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Having just returned home from New Delhi, India my eyes have been opened to a different culture and lifestyle both on a business level and individual level.

Together with my promoter, Tanuja Vashisthi, founder of BRICCKS, we successfully launched Sales Mastery India to a little under 200 B2B sales leaders and sales people, on October 17-19th and are already gearing up for Sales Mastery India, 2013.

What I remember learning about at school and carefully constructing a B+ project on suddenly came rushing back to me, and that was the topic of the caste system – a hierarchical organisation chart for the country.

For those not familiar this is the pecking order:

And it got me thinking about the unwritten organisational structure of an organisation and the silo driven mentality – who sits at the top – is it IT, Marketing, Sales? How does communication get bridged?

And then to drill down further into a silo and look at the actual sales team. Who are the Brahmin, the Kshatriyas, the Vajsyas, the Sudras and the Pariah in the sales team?

If we take Louis Pasteur’s words that “Chance favours only the prepared mind,” then is the sales Brahmin the one who spends more time on self development across the disciplines of personal leadership, thought leadership and sales leadership? And is the Pariah the one who is so focussed on himself in other ways? Untouchable on so many other levels?

Get Some More Sales INDIA now!
Brahmin clearly are those who wish to develop their career and themselves and can also be represented by my value model below that is explained in my book ,’The First Sale Is Always To Yourself’. Complimentary copy of the first chapter here.

Where do you sit on the Sales Caste Value model and what are your plans to become a much coveted Brahmin?


Get Some More Sales INDIA now!

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