Keynote: GET TO YES! 

Authentically and profitably connect and convert more customers

Opening or Closing Keynote

THEMES: Leadership, Motivation, Sales

GET TO YES! is the modern day mantra for business growth in this new post pandemic connection economy.


  1. Kickstart your sales year on a high and embed learnings for overachievement
  2. Help your team realise their value, create more possibilities, remove obstacles and focus on the results that matter the most
  3. Identify the five seven mega-trends of modern day selling that move the needle every single day.

Bernadette’s ‘GET TO YES! philosophy addresses the following 7 themes:

✅ START WITH WHO! Because who you think you are matters, especially when it comes to branding yourself as the go-to person in your industry

✅  NO OUTCOME! NO INCOME! Decode the results that matter to your buyer first, so you can attract and keep those high-end clients who are ready to pay for your product or service

✅  QUESTIONS THAT CONVERT~ If you want the best answers, then ask the best questions – of yourself and others

✅  UNLOCK YOUR MONEY BLOCKS + UPGRADE YOUR MONEY MINDSET so you can reboot your business to sell more, faster and in tougher markets

✅  BANISH BURNOUT so you can reduce your stress, market less and rethink your overall commercial success

✅  FACTS TELL! STORIES SELL! Tell the right stories that sell change, increase influence and build massive trust for solid business relationships

✅  KEEP THE FAITH – Back yourself more, find your brave and build a courageous and profitable reputation in an uncertain economy with ease and flow

Help your prospects, clients and customers GET TO YES! more often.

Audience Outcomes

Each audience member will walk away 100% ready, willing and able to:

  • Practice the true meaning of selling in today’s modern and global world so they can speak the true language of business
  • Gain clarity around what prevents them consistently overachieving so they can show up with more conviction
  • Elevate their own individual commercial value to give them the competitive edge
  • Identify what their ‘C Level’ buyers expect from them in order to connect and convert more business
  • Be respected as an industry resource and not seen as simply another vendor

Most importantly, each audience member will have fun, build their courage muscle and have the philosophy, stories, ideas and tools to make the next 12 months and beyond more commercially impactful.

Bernadette McClelland
Bernadette - Story Powered Selling

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