Here’s to the amazing ones. 

The men.

The supporters.

The dependables.

The backstops on the field of home runs.

The ones who see their women very differently.

Who respect their ambition,

Their dreams and their skills

And fuel their insane and innate drive

To just go for it!

To the many who may think these men soft, or weak, or submissive

While they take a backseat and play Mr Mom

Or champion a woman toward leadership

Or allow their women to bring home the bacon – and the eggs and the bread!!

To the ones who think men are emasculated when they show that feminine energy

Or berate a woman when she steps into her masculine energy

By mixing it with the boys!

Getting things done!

Pushing back!

Giving her opinion!


I say, ‘you don’t know what you’re missing!’

To the men who make it possible for women like me

To make a change

To use our voice

To show emotion

Who simply and don’t try to fix

Yet provide a safe place to fall into when it gets too hard!

Who lend a strong and stable hand to help us

Come back stronger and fiercer

To make the world a better, brighter and more brilliant place!

It’s actually you who change the world!

Because it’s you who realise the world needs more women

Strong women

Vulnerable women

Smart women

Doing even greater things!

‘Here’s to the real men the world wants… Not more boys who pretend to be men!’

This post was inspired by my father, my husband and my son.

Each have been behind me, in front of me and beside me in different capacities at every step of my life and career, and that of my daughter, as well – proof that us women need you guys to be nimble and move with us even when we don’t know where we’re going.

To those ‘Mr Mom’s’ I personally know, who have stayed home for decades swapping the stereotypical breadwinner roles, encouraging and providing the option for their women to become leading executives in big banks or running successful businesses or simply chasing their dreams.

The economy needs men like you!

To the ‘Harry’s’ of the world who are able to lose their attachment to the establishment, whatever that establishment represents, who are prepared to make a controversial stand to provide and protect and ensure a more fairer world for those they love and respect.

The world needs men like you who see equality for what it really is!

To the ‘Champions’ of the me-too movement, domestic violence, the pay gap and gender diversity.

Our society needs men like you who do more than talk the talk, who walk the talk.

Our future needs more men.


Real men!

Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant




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