From Hero to Ground Zero from NYC

Greetings from Ground Zero this September 11,

It was three decades ago that I stood on top of the world. The rooftop of one of the World Trade Centres and as I marveled at the landscape, the expanse and the enormity of this beautiful city, I captured the Statue of Liberty, like a miniature trophy, as my backdrop.

Three decades later, it doesn’t take much to notice, see and feel the emotion behind these world monoliths being with us no longer. Instead of sightseeing, I pause a moment and am grateful for the ability to share a special moment with thousands of other people remembering the human element, the people and the heroes, who have fallen.
From Hero to Ground Zero from NYC

And I am standing with my wonderful husband, Tim. At the moment that is all that matters.

The spreadsheets have been pushed to the side, the books have been shelved, the phones turned off; because at the end of the day the results that really matter are always right in front of us but sometimes we miss seeing them, or worse, choose not to see them.

What matters is people.

So, take a look outside your office right now and notice who’s there diligently working away or chatting about their week, check out who is sitting in your lounge room tonight and notice the look in their eyes, notice the person on the bus or the cafe or the traffic lights who might not get that close to anyone else today, and be present to them.

It’s easy to make a difference in some small way:[list1]

  • Praise them
  • Pat them on the back
  • Personally do something for them
  • Present them with something nice
  • Postpone the next diary entry and sit with them for a couple of minutes longer
[/list1] We have all experienced our own Ground Zero’s where we might have hit rock bottom, but at the end of the day, just like spring and summer will always follow a winter, heroes will always emerge. What really matters are the people in our lives who are there to share those moments with us.

Be Bold and Brilliant

From Hero to Ground Zero from NYC

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