Hope 'IS' A Strategy

Hope ‘IS’ A Strategy

Sometimes that is all you might have.

And it is enough.

Because you are enough.

I’m sharing more these days to audiences about another part of my life that has really only been shared in depth with my immediate family.

A part of my life that is away from sales and sales leadership.

Yet still tied to business of sorts.

And that is the world of Bankruptcy and the mix of emotions that go with navigating a left of field moment.

And the reason I’m sharing it is because it is relevant to this VUCA environment we are in today.

In addition to the economics and logic surrounding bankruptcy are the incredible mental, physical, emotional and social gymnastics you need to master, on top of the financial.

The process someone has to go through to get over it, through it, under it or around it is definitely filled with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, as well.

It is definitely not about bouncing back.

It is more than that.

It is about iteration – a spiralling upward movement.

And stacking strength on top of strength no matter how weak that baseline is.

And ‘hope’ is sometimes all we have as we begin again.

Hope stops people spiralling down.


I think it is really all about a confluence of Maslow’s Hierarchy, Spiral Dynamics and the 6 Core Human Needs – where they all kick in together.

As we all know our most basic need is survival and security, and that not only means food and water – it also means a roof over our head!

When you lose your home,

You lose more than a house.

You lose the place you can retreat to, lock away the world and just be.

In a way, you can even lose you!

And that can mean losing all hope.


So to those who say ‘hope is not a strategy’

I say, ‘Be careful!’

Sometimes it is all people have to hold onto.

It was what kept myself and my family going through illness, being on welfare, finding ourselves without a home, jobless and cashless and without family support.

And between hope and an inner knowing that everything will be OK

Hope continues to keep us all going.

So to anyone going through tough times,

or has just experienced a left of field, random, unexpected moment,

Know this one thing!

Opportunity will present itself again,

Once you imagine it

Once you let yourself know it in your bones

And once you realise it will visit you when you least expect it.

So long as you #DoTheWork

So, for the month of May (being Mental Health Awareness Month)

And every other month!!!

Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant

Bernadette McClelland

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My message is designed for business owners, leaders and salespeople to embrace the courage of their convictions so they can step out, with deliberation, and lead with impact, overcome uncertainty, align brand messages and win more business in a volatile and uncertain economy.

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