I was listening to a CD a few years back that a friend loaned me – it was Anthony Robbins speaking on success, way before he brought me on to be is APAC coach.

And I still remember to this day, the words that stuck with me. In his booming, scratchy voice, he said…

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure”

It stuck with me because I had been super guilty of focussing over the years, on success, and usually for the benefit of others by putting way too much weight on their perceived expectations. Expectations being the ultimate word here.

Expectations, in my opinion can lead to the ultimate failure.

And of course, this is never the path to being truly happy.

To be truly happy, or fulfilled, is doing what brings YOU joy.

And with stress, toxic environments and even a lack of clarity around career roles, we need to find what makes us happy and then decide to do something about it.

And in my opinion, when we are focussed only on achieving, we tend to emotionally ‘hang on’ to what we do, or who we show up as, for that little bit tooooo long. Whether that be,

🔔 A job

🔔 A positon

🔔 A relationship

🔔 A location

🔔 A belief

Hanging on prevents growth and happiness.

And we only hang on because it is a well-worn mental model, so familiar and ingrained in expectations and usually not a deliberate choice based on what we really want but potentially underpinned by views on what constitutes some kind of failure.

As the great strategist, Peter Senge said: ‘People don’t resist change. They resist being changed’

But in my opinion:

fulfilment comes from self expansion.

And self expansion means embracing something new and different – even when it is a break from what people expect of you and especially doing something that makes you come alive.

We’ve all thought or said or heard, ‘she’s changed!’ or ‘he’s not who he used to be’ or ‘what are they doing now’.

Personally, not only have I upped and moved to the other side of the world as part of my ‘adventure of life’ … but also because I wanted to tap into something that brings me more joy from a business perspective, over and above consultative sales training.

Keynote Speaking and StorySelling.

My belief is that StorySelling is a crucial component of a successful Commercial Conversation and a skill that is definitely missing in business today.

I hand on heart believe that!

Especially within sales teams and with corporate leadership.

And because being a storyteller falls into my zone of joy and genius, I asked myself,

‘How can I be an even better resource to businesses in the USA and help their sales teams shift their buyer’s indecision, master influence, and build massive trust through a story-powered selling approach.’

How I Recently Unleashed My StorySelling Genius and How You Can Unleash Yours


And now I get to unleash my StorySelling genius even more by helping even more businesses

If you want to do the same and expand your business, enjoy your role as a salesperson more fully, then I encourage you to do something different.

Explore the art of StorySelling with me – not just telling stories for the sake of telling stories, but being strategic and learning to elicit your buyers stories as well so that you don’t leave money on the table.

Join me here, hit the 🔔 on my profile and I will regularly dive deep into how you can re-imagine your sales role, unleash your own StorySelling genius and be seen as that respected industry resource you know you are and learn to align to what matters in your sales conversations.

As usual,

Stay Bold, Brave and Brilliant! 

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EVENT ORGANISERS (Video below) – As a speaker, my programs help CEOs of future-focussed sales organisations, who are concerned as to how to help their sales teams stand out more in a heavily competitive environment, gain the lead by securing more profitable and purposeful sales.

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