ow Strong Is Your Conviction

How Strong Is Your Conviction? 4 Ways to Know for Sure!

Last week, I wrote about courage – how it’s both a virtue and an emotion, how we need bothfor us to show up in the best way we can to achieve the outcomes we want to achieve and how courage comes from ‘the heart’.

This week, let’s address CONVICTION and how it differs from courage, why we need both to nail those results, and how it can sometimes be misunderstood and therefore misconstrued.

Conviction is a powerful force. It’s the deep-seated belief and commitment to principles or goals that drive us to pursue our goals and dreams with unwavering determination. It is in our bones, our gut and it’s why we must listen to those ‘hunches’ that tell us ‘you’ve got this and you believe in this, so go for it‘ regardless of what we believe others might say, think or feel.

And yes… it does mean breaking the rules – your own outdated rules!

And sometimes, what we think is conviction might actually be something else entirely.

It could show itself as any one of the following:

⭕ Stubbornness

⭕ Blind Faith

⭕ Arrogance

⭕ Passion

So let’s look at each in turn with some Q&A:

Conviction vs Stubbornness

Have you ever stuck to a strategy that is failing even though there were very clear ‘sunk costs’ or not adapted your approach and instead stuck to what you thought worked?

Stubbornness is a refusal to change despite better options, driven by pride or fear, leading to inflexibility.

Conviction vs. Blind Faith

Did you ever just jump at something without a plan where you had no evidence or had done no research that led to a risky, un-calculated decision?

Blind faith is unwavering belief in something without evidence or consideration of the risks.

Conviction vs. Arrogance

As a leader have you ever pushed on with a strategy without listening to your team, dismissed feedback or not valued someone else’s input, believing that your way will work?

Arrogance is overbearing confidence, dismissing others’ opinions, and being closed-minded, which can create conflict.

Conviction vs. Passion

Have you ever tried something that was just a temporary burst of passion vs long-term commitment?

Passion is intense enthusiasm that can be fleeting and needs direction to be effective.

Bringing It All Together

So I made a list of a handful of my life decisions that I believe were based on deep-seated conviction and reflected on what was really driving them:

🐨 Beginning a new life in Australia at 18 because I wanted to expand my world

🚀 Leaving my corporate job to start my own consultancy

🏡 Hanging in there during the 18% interest hike as a homeowner and single mum

🌡️ Starting again after a life-defining illness and bankruptcy

💸 Walking away from misaligned opportunities that would have given me huge cashflow

🚶Walking the Camino solo when given a short window of opportunity

🇱🇷 Moving to America to expand opportunities

👮 Volunteering with high security inmates on their personal transformation program

🎤 Going all in as a ‘keynote speaker’ helping leaders and sellers think different and deeper

And I encourage you to do the same

Create your own list and then ask yourself the following question….

‘Have I ever come from a place of Stubbornness, Blind Faith, Arrogance and Passion vs True Conviction?’

And the answer is OF COURSE!

We all have because we are human!

So, my message today is to reflect on those differences.

For change to occur and for competencies to be raised, the ideas for growth, success, or any other value you hold dear might start as thoughts in your ‘head‘.

But to show up as congruent and whole, to be 100% YOU, you need to do more than just think about change.

While courage to make decisions stems from the ‘heart‘, conviction is in your bones, it’s in your blood, and it speaks from the gut. Trust your ‘hunches‘—those intuitive signals rooted in your conviction.

You need to listen to YOU more than the outside noise. Deep down, we all know the truth of what we want and need.

When these factors work together (the reasoning, the relational and the reflective) they lead you to the choices you must make (the responsive), and those choices are in your ‘hands‘ only – always.

Nobody else’s.

So here’s what you can do moving forward…

Reflect, adjust, and ensure your path and the choices you make in business and in life are guided by your courage and conviction, not the need to fit into other people’s expectations.

Would love your thoughts.

As Always,

Be Brave, Bold, and Brilliant!

Bernadette McClelland

I bring an extremely powerful and relevant message to the front of the room or to the wider market with my keynotes – ‘The Courage of Conviction and Deliberate Disruption’.

Because if you are not disrupting yourself in the way you think, feel and act – then something or someone else will!

My message is designed for business owners, leaders and salespeople to embrace the courage of their convictions so they can step out, with deliberation, and lead with impact, overcome uncertainty, align brand messages and win more business in a volatile and uncertain economy.

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