Huh? How can focussing on the money not get you the money?

If what you focus on is what you get then how can focussing on the money not get you money?

Because when you focus on something much bigger than you, on what you do and what you will bring to the table of others, then the money will come and it will come in ways you never thought it would.

This is all part of a healthy relationship we must all have around money.

Money (Revenue, profits) comes from a host of different avenues – sound decisions, lots of activity, leveraging people, time and situations, valuing what you do , great customer experiences, awesome products, ad infinitum (well nearly) but what drives all of this is what truly matters – your reason, your purpose, your why, your message to your buyers.

Proctor and Gamble did a study on over 30,000 companies and they measured those companies that grew disproportionately to the categories they were in. There were only 25 rock star companies and each of them that had that unprecedented growth, had a higher, crystal clear purpose behind their revenue growth.

Harvard did a study as well – those businesses that had a higher purpose and focussed on more than profits found their revenue grew 4 x faster, their stock price grew 12 x faster, their job creation rate was 7 x higher and their profits increased.

I mean Jessie J even sings about it doesn’t she? “It’s not about the money, money, money…”.

I have so many of my clients who own businesses that are so obsessed with ‘making money’ that they forget to see the bigger picture . Then again I also have clients who are so obsessed with the ‘bigger picture’ they forget it is also about the money.


  • Get clear on what your real outcome is for you and your client
  • Lose sight of what you are selling for just a minute
  • Focus on how your outcome can profit both you AND your customer
[/list3] So, if what you focus on is what you get to the exclusion of everything else, then which of these categories will your focus be on to ultimately create the environment you want to play in?

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Huh? How can focussing on the money not get you the money?

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