I keep on knocking but I can’t come in…

If we consider for a moment a typical day in our life and we imagine that we have a door to our world that swings on its hinges. We let in what and who we want to let in and we turn away what and who we don’t want to let in when it suits us – we are too busy, too stressed, too pre-occupied, too frightened – mainly because it means we have to make some kind of a shift in what we are doing, thinking or being.

Our worlds though have changed. We know that. What we sometimes don’t know is how to bridge the gap seamlessly.

In sales – going from a world of caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) to Caveat venditor (let the seller beware) is a shift. And a huge shift that has taken some sales organisations and individuals by surprise.

In leadership – going from a world of managing people and entering this new world, this new economy based on connection and learning and having to shift to a coaching approach that is both transformational for your stakeholders and results driven for the shareholders, brings with it change.

In cultures – going from a profit driven culture to one of purpose so that everyone knows that there is a who and a why behind the what and the how is not fluffy, but what drives all high performance teams and more businesses need to embrace this idea

What is the one thing that if you chose to not open the door to, would make the biggest difference in your life and your business world?

The game is the same, but the rules have changed.  None of us can rest on our laurels and play it safe anymore – we must open the door when change comes knocking, sit it down and to what it has to say.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

I keep on knocking but I can't come in...

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