I’m ‘Coming Out’ today…

Well, in a non sexual way. Coming out also means declaring something that others don’t know about you and if we thought long and hard about it, I am sure all of us in both our personal and professional lives would be able to ‘come out’ about something.

What stops us though is that it usually means we make ourselves wrong. Or we feel some emotion attached to the honesty or the vulnerability or the openness. Emotions such as embarrassment or shame or not being accepted, which ultimately stems from a sense of not being loved in some deep, unconscious part of our being. A bit D & M I know for so early in the morning. But so true.

What stops us in our success (whether we are a financial planner, a sales leader, a CEO in some corner office, an elite sportsperson, a foreign correspondent from the top TV network, a salesperson with a bunch of customers to look after and sell to), has nothing to do with how we do stuff. We know how to do stuff. We know how to build our business, run our sales conversations, ask for what we want.

It has everything to do with who we are. [At this stage, feel free to opt-out if you want – it’s going to get heavy 😉 ]

Let me give you an example.

Chip and Dan Heath in their book SWITCH use the metaphor of the Rider, the Elephant and the Path. Now for any of you who have ridden an elephant, you would know, as I clearly do, that no matter how logical our actions are sitting on top of this beast, no matter how many prods we give it, or how hard we manoeuvre their heads, that elephant is going to lead us down that path, off the path and back onto the path whether we like it or not.

No matter how you slice and dice it, that is reality.

So the Rider is logic, it is the process, it is the structure, it is the ‘how to’ and, dare I say, an extremely important part of us getting to where we want to go. The Elephant in this metaphor is our emotion. The elephant, when doing what it wants to do, no matter how hard we try, will not be controlled by the Rider. And that is what really leads us down the path. The Rider thinks it’s him or her.

No matter how you slice and dice it, that is reality.

So let’s come back to ‘coming out’.

For all of us, on one level or another, our path will be a constant to-ing and fro-ing, a conflict between rider and elephant. For the ride to be smooth, for there to be total congruence, for us to be in alignment with our values, and ultimately our success, logic loses out.

And that translates into the fact that all of us are most successful when we live our life and operate our business and our job from passion and purpose first.

My coming out is owning my message. The Rider has been telling me my message was ‘fluffy’ in a business world but the Elephant has been telling me it was needed to make the difference that traditional ‘how to’s’ no longer provide, especially from a sales perspective.

And I have been focusing on the ‘how to’s’. Successfully – yes, fulfilling, no.

Businesses today are realising more than ever the untapped power of their people in being the competitive edge yet some leaders are still not investing in that area of growth – possibly because it means they, the leaders, may have to ‘come out’.

Personal leadership, owning who you need to be to create those results that matter, playing a bigger game, contributing to others is the heart, soul and mind of any engine room. Understand the train will go nowhere if all you have are carriages based on a linear ‘how to’ process without the engine powering it. And the engine is you.

So in combining my 10,000 hours of sales experience, mentoring, advising and speaking I will continue to challenge you, hold you accountable, disrupt you and help you evolve to becoming the entrepreneur you want to become, the woman who needs to commercialise her dream and make the world a better place or the salesperson who pushes their envelope even further.

And for you to own your message to the market and bridge your gaps, it may even mean we work together more, on those results that really matter.

So thank you for supporting me and allowing me to share this ‘coming out’ declaration with you. I’m up to it if you are.

My husband can relax now 🙂

Be Bold and Brilliant

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Let’s have you ‘Come Out’ from whatever you are hiding behind and amp up your results even more.

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