I’m telling you this story because….

We all love a good story. We are captivated by a good story. We can’t wait to hear what happens in a good story. We were kissed goodnight and tucked into bed with stories. They make us feel good and tap into our emotions.

It is how we have learnt for centuries, communicated through time, captured historic events and wrapped facts around so we remember and it’s what the best salespeople do naturally.

And because telling stories is in our DNA, we are naturally hard wired to to a good story and if that’s a given of nature, then our customer’s are hardwired to to a good business story.

So, what is the story you tell?

Do you stand in your boardroom with a PowerPoint all about you? Do you make you the hero? Do you make your company the saviour of the day and the customer comes along for the ride, if they are lucky?

What if you thought the world was flat and a GPS salesperson sold you on how good his equipment was and you wouldn’t need to look where you were going, just plug it in, turn it on and it would sail the oceans for you? Would you buy it? Not on your life. There is no way you would sail over the edge of the world to your watery death and make this salesperson the hero!

It’s about making the customer the hero in your story. How can you create a story that is powerful and empowering at the same time.

  • Make it relevant – create a beginning, a middle and an end
  • Make it future based – make sure you paint a picture of a better world to move toward and they can only imagine…
  • Make your customer the hero – how will he make a difference in the world of those around him when he adopts your solution

Stories are powerful. They have a message and they make us remember. We can’t continue to bombard our customers with words, numbers, statistics and case studies all the time. Let’s cheer to centre stage the right brain creative and put the left brain logic out to pasture for a spell.

Sweet dreams!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

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