It’s 3AM…Are You Awake?

  • You can’t sleep… so you grab your notebook and jot down that great idea.
  • You’ve got an appointment in your diary and you’re champing at the bit to get there.
  • You have this idea you’ve heard and you can’t wait to incorporate it into whatever you’re working on.
  • You find yourself creatively daydreaming about how to make something even better.
  • You’re heart is racing with something that will make a difference….
[/list1] All of these are signals you are working on what matters to you!

This is not fluffy – this is the key ingredient of high performing individuals, teams and organisations. Constantly innovating, inspiring and imagining.

You are on a path, you have a purpose and feel passionate about these ideas and you know that when you come from this angle your approach with everyone changes. There is an energy that is bigger than you. You will shift toward thinking about ways to help others tap into the results that matter the most to them.

Southwest Airlines constantly asks “how can we deliver ‘freedom for our clients in the sky’ in new ways?” instead of worrying about the functionality of schedules and aerodynamics which is why they have posted fantastic profits for more than 36 years in a row and continue to outstrip their competitors.

What’s keeping you up at night? Are you getting caught in the small stuff or asking yourself how you can flip your questions to a future paced and resourceful perspective instead!

Do that and you’ll sleep like a baby!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

It's 3AM...Are You Awake?

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