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SIGNATURE KEYNOTE – Absolute Certainty – Finding Your Brave

Faith and Fear – two opposite extremes of the spectrum and yet we need both.

‘Finding Your Brave’ is a catch cry for living life with absolute certainty in a world that envelops us daily in absolute uncertainty.

This outstanding keynote helps us balance both – personally and professionally – to feel fulfilled, connected, growing and most of all, enough. 

FOR SALES TEAMS – Shortening Sales Cycles in Tough Times

There are three different levels of sales people that impact sales results in any business, yet none of these levels relate to age!

Being able to identify the real chokeholds that cause pipeline bloat, agreeing on what really prevents deals moving through your pipeline in real time, discovering the underlying cause of unnecessary discounting or acknowledging the lack of desire in leveraging resources, are all critical to your business growth.

In this pragmatic, yet inspiring, keynote, Bernadette calls things as they are – in true Aussie style! She leads the way for sales professionals to be more risky, more resourceful and more responsible as we engage with risk averse buyers more and more.

FOR LEADERSHIP – Becoming Fearless in the Face of Change

In this keynote, Bernadette shares with you three exceptional qualities that are inherent in individuals, leaders and businesses who create momentum and master change.

Woven throughout these key takeaways is the absolute certainty that took her from being bedridden and bankrupt to walking alone, with no guide (and no laptop!!) through Portugal and Spain.

Strong personal leadership is needed today to help you master disruption, uninvited interruptions and curve ball moments. Bernadette creates an environment where you can elevate yours.

FOR BUSINESS GROUPS – Creating Sales Smart Cultures

Inspiring business owners and CEOs to build their business relies on more than operational excellence.

Too many businesses pride themselves on their operational culture, yet want more sales. And you can’t have two masters! Discover why creating a sales smart culture will result in a stronger business, cultures that attract and retain top talent and result in sustainable growth.

Bernadette’s presentation hits home, leveraging both her experience as a CEO and sales leader, and her interactions with CEOs and leaders of business. She has seen the positive impact by those who have shifted their focus, been vulnerable enough to review their systems and processes and taken full responsibility for driving their business growth.

Recognized as one of the Top 100 Sales Coaches by Ambition and Top 100 Sales Experts by RiseBoarders

Bernadette was by far our most inspiring and engaging speaker at the 2016 Sales Innovation Expo in London representing Top Sales World.

Jonathan Farrington

CEO, Top Sales World

Loved, loved, loved Bernadette’s presentation as the closing speaker at the Rev It Up Sales Leadership Conference in Boston. Powerful, fresh content. Filled with real-life examples. Delivered with flair and humility. Focused on what the audience really needs.

Jill Konrath

Keynote Speaker, Sales Strategist, and bestselling author of 4 sales books

I won’t talk about Bernadette’s great speaking skills. Those are obvious. I’ll choose to talk about how she made such an impact in me, that even 10 days past her speech I still reflect on it daily. If you’re looking for a public speaker, they’re a dime a dozen. Bernadette’s key difference is that she REALLY cares and goes the extra mile to deliver content and advice that makes a difference. Thanks for your work with us @ AA-ISP Portugal and also for the impact you made in my own life.

Nuno Rodrigues Poço

President, AA-ISP Portugal

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