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Recognized as one of the 35 Most Influential Women In Sales globally

For me, as a speaker, my metric for success is:

For one person to have a light bulb moment that creates a ripple effect in their world

For one business or association to create a shift in the economy and community to create prosperity for the greater good.

For one sales team to shift their level of conviction, relevance and intention to contribute to the business

I wasn’t planning to sit through the session fully and I ended up spending one and a half hours because Bernadette did captivate me.

Madhavan P

Senior Vice President and Head of Sales, Enterprise Business, Tata Teleservices, New Delhi, India


‘Conscious Selling’ –The Silver Bullet to Driving More Sales

The sales team that will overachieve is the team that is consciously capitalistic, humanly focused and is generous without sacrificing themselves or the business.

We are leaving and entering new economies at a rapid rate of knots and the connection economy offers new opportunities for those who are keen to exercise not just sales leadership but thought leadership and personal leadership.

In this provocative and stimulating keynote, learn to move beyond just being informational and influential, and step into the role of the inspiring salesperson buyers want.

In this program you will:

Learn the 9 conversations you need to own to inspire your buyer

Identify what it takes to commercially survive in the connection economy

Appreciate the modern-day ABCs of selling

Break the rules – the ever-important rules!

Smash your own personal and professional sales barrier

Move People – And They Will Act!

Bernadette was by far our most inspiring and engaging speaker at the 2016 Sales Innovation Expo in London representing Top Sales World.

Jonathan Farrington

CEO, Top Sales World


‘#playBIGGER’ – The Not-So-Straight Path to Rethinking Risk, Digging Deeper and Choosing Change

Black Swan moments happen to us all – those left of field moments we never saw coming.

Imagine having the foresight and tools to create calm from chaos, back yourself unconditionally and shift your career and life to where you deserve.

Bernadette will share with you the three exceptional qualities that are inherent in individuals, leaders and business that create momentum and master change. Woven throughout these key takeaways is her own riveting, inspirational and personal story that took her from being bedridden and bankrupt to helping others master disruption and uninvited interruptions. In essence, to #playBIGGER.


In this program you will:

Create breakthroughs that winners and achievers alike experience

Identify the 3 identity pieces that will provide you your greatest gift ever

Master the 3 focal points that will ensure you design a life, relationships, career or business that will have you continually playing bigger and upping your own game!

Cut through the noise and get to your key objectives faster than the proverbial heartbeat

I recently heard Bernadette speak at VIVID Sydney where I was the MC. What was evident to me immediately was her passion. This translated into a captivated audience who hung on her every word. If you are looking for a speaker who will inspire your people to act, then give Bernadette McClelland a call.

Grant Herbert

MC VIVID Sydney, Founder & CEO - People Builders Global


‘The Business Of Connection’ – Amplifying Human Potential

Loved, loved, loved Bernadette’s presentation as the closing speaker at the Rev It Up Sales Leadership Conference in Boston. Powerful, fresh content. Filled with real-life examples. Delivered with flair and humility. Focused on what the audience really needs.

Jill Konrath

Keynote Speaker, Sales Strategist, and bestselling author of 4 sales books

What’s next? The Future of Work tells us jobs today won’t be here tomorrow, skills needed yesterday are gone forever and algorithms will hold the key to our superpowers in the future.

So, how do we elevate our leadership skills to navigate this era of change? How do we amplify the human skills critical to bringing real connection back to business? How do we navigate this ‘connection’ economy we are now in, and still product the results that matter the most?

In this program you will:

Realise that leadership is from the inside out and address why the power of why is not enough

Value the intangibles that will create cut through in this time of uncertainty

Evaluate the VUCA economy and create your winning strategies to futureproof your career and your business

Embrace the skills we will all need for the next leadership revolution by revisiting our own human evolution


‘One Woman Rising’– Step Up, Show Up, Speak Up

A sense of presence is critical for women wanting to rise to a higher level of achievement.

Your personal presence trumps all else and is found at the intersection of courage, conviction, and clarity.

Women in business continue to fight the good fight and the biggest enemy can more often be themselves and not the men they are trying to match or the ceiling they are trying to smash.

This keynote identifies three reflective themes relevant to women in any role wanting to better herself and lose the shackles of self-doubt while Bernadette shares her journey of becoming Australia’s leading female speaker in the male dominated corporate sales space.

In this program you will:

Identify the key messages we send before we open our mouths

Strengthen your mental readiness

Learn to communicate for optimal leadership

Prepare to engage men as a critical pathway to inclusive workplace

Create a Powerful Personal Presence and stop unconscious bias in its tracks

Learn to say no and learn to say yes and know the difference

I received great comments about your One-Woman Rising presentation from many in the office, including the guys.  I think they all found it relevant to both their professional and personal lives.  Several thanked Ansell’s Women’s Leadership Forum for providing such a great opportunity for self-development.  Thank you!

Jodie Petherick

Regional Sales Manager, Ansell Health

I would first like to say, it was lovely to meet you and I would like to thank you for delivering your presentation during the Women in Sales Leadership Summit at the Swisshotel in Sydney. It was a great success with an overwhelming amount of positive delegate feedback praising the calibre of presentation and extent of content addressed. Thanks again and hopefully we can have you back as a presenter or delegate in the near future.

Jean Young

Conference Producer, Liquid Learning


‘Selling YOU’ – Get Seen, Get Noticed, Get Business

Content and very relevant to today. Definitely like to engage further with training.

Helen Bambry

Sales Manager, Conference and Incentives Millennium Hotels and Resorts

Bernadette was recruited to speak to 60 of our top salespeople in order to jumpstart results across the organization. RESULT: The workshop was followed by a year of company growth and her teachings have been incorporated into their sales training materials year on year.

Jeff Dunn

Leader of Sales, Northwest Exterminating, Atlanta, GA

Seth Godin once said, ‘ You don’t create a purple cow by being different. You do it by creating something worth talking about’.

The overarching message in this presentation is that ‘prospecting will never, ever get you clients! Your message to market will!’ And that depends on YOU!

More importantly, how do we shift a sales environment from survival in this uncertain economy, to being 100% relevant and totally strategic?

With an increasing amount of businesses unable to meet their targets, and an increasing amount of salespeople sounding like everyone else when asked ‘what do you do, what makes you different and what value do you bring?’, it’s time to think differently about how you show up in the market. Ditch the pitch and the scripts because your message will trump your method every single time. Know how to deliver your message.

In this keynote, breakout session or program, you will:

Move from a state of “HELP, I’M IN SURVIVAL MODE HERE” to being ‘TOP OF MY TREE, STRATEGIC’

Position yourself as a RESPECTED INDUSTRY RESOURCE becoming 100%+ RELEVANT to your market and your buyer

Be 100% On – Answer the question, ‘What Do You Do?’ with so much more conviction

Prospect more efficiently (online or offline), segue within conversations more effortlessly, pitch yourself more effectively and increase your confidence as a result

Bernadette is a highly skilled sales role model and mentor. She has an approach to sales that is real world and we have found her inspiring to work with these past ten months. She isn’t phased by what might seem impossible. Well done Bernadette, all the best for the future.

Giles Whiteside

Regional Sales Manager, Ascot Signage & Architectural, Swindon, UK

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