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Unlock the Power of Deliberate Disruption with Bernadette McClelland

Keynote Speaker Bernadette McClelland


This keynote shares Bernadette’s compelling and transformational story of embodying the courage to disrupt yourself before someone or something else does.

Bernadette weaves her journey as a testament to the power of deliberate disruption. From being bedridden and bankrupt to trading her Welfare Card for a highly coveted Green Card through her excellence in Sales Leadership, her remarkable shift embodies the true essence of Deliberate Disruption.

Bernadette takes us through her ‘Deliberate Disruption’ framework demonstrating how we can redefine our paths and inspire change, highlighting the essence of her theme; the courage of conviction. Let her keynote inspire you to embrace your challenges with conviction and lead with purpose.


MESSAGE:  Helping teams shift from hesitation and uncertainty to courage, conviction and change 

AUDIENCE: CEOS | Leaders | Sales Teams | Associations | Franchises

In a world where change is the only constant, ‘DELIBERATE DISRUPTION’ isn’t just a concept, it’s a strategic imperative. This keynote will unravel the transformative power of intentional change, guiding CEOs and sales leaders through the following principles:

  • Embrace The Courage of Conviction – Initiate change proactively to drive market innovation.
  • Cultivate Antifragility – Go beyond resilience and view challenges as growth opportunities to thrive in uncertainty.
  • Harness Collective Wisdom – Utilize ‘who’ not ‘how’ to unlock collaboration and success.
  • Make Decisive Decisions – Commit to choices boldly and trust your intuition to lead.
  • Invest in Identity and Ownership – Lead with a clear sense of self and full accountability.

The outcome?

Transformed businesses, changed lives, shifted mindsets, and deeply felt experiences.

Thank you, Bernadette, for elevating our understanding of sales and connecting with us on a level that goes beyond traditional methodologies. Your presence enriched our event and left an indelible mark on all who were present.

Bernadette’s style is engaging, humorous and always filled with practical ideas, inspirational takeaways and quality collateral. 


I won’t talk about Bernadette’s great speaking skills. Those are obvious. I’ll choose to talk about how she made such an impact in me, that even 10 days past her speech I still reflect on it daily.

If you’re looking for a public speaker, they’re a dime a dozen. Bernadette’s key difference is that she REALLY cares and goes the extra mile to deliver content and advice that makes a difference.

Thanks for your work with us @ AA-ISP Portugal and also for the impact you made in my own life.

Nuno Rodrigues Poço
President, AA-ISP Portugal, AA-ISP

Loved, loved, loved Bernadette’s presentation as the closing speaker at the Rev It Up Sales Leadership Conference in Boston. Powerful, fresh content. Filled with real-life examples. Delivered with flair and humility. Focused on what the audience really needs.

Jill Konrath
Sales Strategist and Best Selling Author of ‘Selling To Big Companies’

Keynote Speaker Bernadette McClelland was  definitely one of the best speakers at the Sales and Marketing Expo in Los Angeles. She shared her experience of how to get to the “Yes” without trying by accessing the emotional side of the customer through storytelling. Once you can access the emotions of the customer, rather than explaining by logic, you can easily sway them to them saying yes to whatever you’re selling. Be a storytelling company and sell the change and you will be successful. Thank you for an awesome presentation! 

Tony Vu
CEO, California Merchant Services

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