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🚀 LET’S GO! they cried… we’ve been cooped up behind screens and at home for over 2 years and we’re going crazy!

🤝 LET’S CONNECT!  they dreamed…. we’ve missed the hallway conversations and water cooler chats where so much value is shared!

💡 LET’S LEARN! they whispered… the world has changed and so have our buyers and clients expectations of us!

🎤 LET’S FIND A SPEAKER WHO GETS US! they all echoed … to make our next event fun and interactive and an investment worth making!


STAND OUT!  Gain Your Competitive Advantage through Strategic Story

Opening or Closing Keynote

THEMES: StorySelling, Leadership, Inspiration, Sales

STAND OUT! is a keynote that highlights a fresh approach to a potentially outdated sales approach. Unfortunately, the concept surrounding ‘story’ can create a false perception that it is not strategic enough for sellers to earn their position at the decision maker’s table and win the business. The ideas shared in this keynote will demonstrate that stories aligned to the sales process are a fast track to achieving your business outcomes.


  1. Ensure your people build on the brand you have established and secure that seat at the right table
  2. Have your team lessen their reliance on product talk and increase business dialogue so that they build influence and effortlessly sell change
  3. Identify the key stories every seller must catch, tell and seek to win more business.

Bernadette’s STAND OUT! philosophy addresses the following 5 themes so you can connect, influence and sell change in an uncertain economy:

✅ SELL CHANGE!  Nobody really cares about your story, they care about theirs! To sell change is to mitigate risk and help broker a decision. We need to be reminded that our buyers don’t mind change, it’s changing they resist.

✅  TRUST AND INSPIRE! In this post pandemic economy, it’s time to evolve the sales-centric speak towards conversations that have more depth, emotion and connection because that’s where decisions are really made. Navigate your buyer’s assumptions around,Why you? Why now and Who cares?’

✅  OWN THEIR OUTCOMES! When we get intentional in our conversations, we are more focussed, and when we are more focussed, we create success.  It’s about getting clarity on our buyer’s outcomes, not just our own, that ultimately drives both our incomes.

✅  RE-IMAGINE NEGOTIATIONS  – Buyer’s will either sigh with absolute frustration with sellers or sign with 100% anticipation. The question we need to ask in the deal-making room is, ‘are we telling stories through our biased lens, or seeking stories through our buyer’s lens?’

✅  YOUR STORIES MATTER! –  Identify the difference between the stories you tell yourself about your buyer, the stories you tell your buyer and the stories your buyer tells you! Because the verdict is unanimous –  facts tell, and stories sell!

Recognized as one of the Top 100 Sales Coaches by Ambition and Top 100 Sales Experts by RiseBoarders

I won’t talk about Bernadette’s great speaking skills. Those are obvious. I’ll choose to talk about how she made such an impact in me, that even 10 days past her speech I still reflect on it daily.

If you’re looking for a public speaker, they’re a dime a dozen. Bernadette’s key difference is that she REALLY cares and goes the extra mile to deliver content and advice that makes a difference.

Thanks for your work with us @ AA-ISP Portugal and also for the impact you made in my own life.

Nuno Rodrigues Poço

President, AA-ISP Portugal, AA-ISP

Loved, loved, loved Bernadette’s presentation as the closing speaker at the Rev It Up Sales Leadership Conference in Boston. Powerful, fresh content. Filled with real-life examples. Delivered with flair and humility. Focused on what the audience really needs.

Jill Konrath

Sales Strategist and Best Selling Author of 'Selling To Big Companies'

Applauds to one of the Keynote Speaker Bernadette McClelland definitely one of the best speakers at the expo. She shared her experience of how to get to the “Yes” without trying by accessing the emotional side of the customer through storytelling. Once you can access the emotions of the customer, rather than explaining by logic, you can easily sway them to them saying yes to whatever you’re selling. Be a storytelling company and sell the change and you will be successful. Thank you for an awesome presentation! Oh and | got a free signed book, thank you! #storytelling #storytellingforbusiness #thankyou

Tony Vu

CEO, California Merchant Services

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