Kick Ass Message Kills Business

So you are in the queue with a heap of other people in the queue. Ready to  stand out.

Your product is the same. The functionality is the same. The end result is probably the same.

Your kick ass marketing message wins the day. Hooray!!

You are now the cowboy (or cowgirl) strutting your stuff wearing that coveted cowboy hat. You are dressed the part, horse at the  ready and talking the talk. Perception is high.

Only problem is … you don’t own any cattle!

If your message has no value and is not aligned with the results that matter the most to those you are serving then you are on a fast track to killing your business.

Relationships will fail, word of mouth will beat you down, your reputation will crumble.

If you can’t deliver – don’t go to market – regardless of what the gurus say.

Everyone knows that a cowboy worth his salt,  has cattle…

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Kick Ass Message Kills Business

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