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Successful Sales Strategies

We’re on LinkedIn!!
Specifically designed for B2B sales leaders, quota bearing sales people and sales focussed businesses selling to other businesses. We can’t create the successful strategies we need because we are the ones who got us to where we are now, and sometimes we can’t be the ones that get us to go where we need to go. We can’t be the ones who provide ourselves with the successful strategies to sell more so we rely on insights, ideas and distinctions from others who know what we want.

And that is what this group is designed for. You!!! We have some awesome resources in this group ready to help and share their thoughts on sales approaches, technology, getting your foot in the door, questioning skills, filling your pipeline and so much more.

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We provide resources through the Promotions Page and Discussions via the discussions page.
The questions posed will provide different perspectives across the three key areas of:
* personal leadership
* thought leadership and of course
* sales leadership.

Free to all who qualify to join (yes there is stipulation of B2B based sales only), and we look forward to you joining us here, right now:

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