Who Is Modelling You?

“If you want to soar like an eagle – stop hanging with the turkeys”, in other words, hang out with those you want to be like. It will allow you to become the next best version of yourself by doing things that those you consider successful are already doing.

You will fall into one of three groups of people – those who are at the top of their game, those who settle for mediocrity and those who struggle. If you are not at the top of your game, I ‘m sure there are times when you wonder how those that are, actually do what they do.

There is a method of doing that and it is called modelling. Neither the catwalk or clay types but rather the ability to discover what these high performers do as a lead up to a sales call, during the actual call and after each call. They will have a syntax that works for them. You may have thought you were doing the same thing as them but your results more than likely told a different story. For example, Johnny bit the dog and the dog bit Johnny. Same words, different results.

To model someone successfully is to get the syntax right through  modelling.

Some of those external factors you might model could include are:

  • Listening to how they make appointments
  • Understanding the exact process they have for follow up
  • Discovering the questions they use that are powerful
  • Learning what they look for in research.
[/list1] Some of the internal factors that aren’t as obvious could include are :
  • How they ‘see’ themselves on a call, what they imagine their customer to ‘say’, outcomes or ROI they expect to have to ‘explain’, how they ‘feel’ leading up to a call.
  • Physiologically how they stand or their stature
  • What they believe about themselves in any given moment
  • The way they talk to themselves and the language they use .
[/list1] It may be that you choose to model a couple of key things from a few people.  Who  might they be? Have a think about who you would like to model because chances are someone is wanting to model you.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Who Is Modelling You?

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