The ART of Commercial Conversations

Drive Revenue

Increase Margin

Sell A Difference

A Modern Day Sales Book Designed For Any Business Person Who Sells

It is for those who have an idea, a product or a service to share with others and who feels the time has come to MAKE A COMMERCIAL DIFFERENCE in this Connection Economy.

This book is DIFFERENT!
It provides mainstream how to’s and what to do’s with a left of field focus on who you need to be and why this is so important. It taps into what REALLY contributes to business success when it comes to revenue generation, day to day leadership and the critical activation of those results that matter the most. It’s an invitation as well as a wake-up call to begin having commercial conversations that provide a win for everyone – you, your buyer and the greater community – providing chapter after chapter of game changing calls to action!

“It’s time for a new breed of seller who inspires clients to change. Get this book to discover how to become an invaluable, irresistible resource and at the same time close more profitable sales.”

Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath
Bestselling Author of SNAP Selling and Agile Selling

“Reading Bernadette’s book is like being around her – inspirational, thoughtful, and focused on growth. In “The Art of Commercial Conversations” she invites sellers to rethink their approach with buyers and to value conviction, context, and contribution. This ties in strongly with how sales has changed, and the book speaks to that. Buy the book and hone the craft of professional conversations – it is a lifeline in a sea of business change.”

Lori Richardson
CEO, Score More Sales & President, Women Sales Pros

“Because technology has changed the nature of communities, it has changed the nature of business and as a result brands and individuals must adapt and engage with even more connective purpose. People have always bought from people they know, like, and trust and these nine conversations within The Art of Commercial Conversations definitely expound the importance of that engagement message.”

Jill Rowley
Social Selling Evangelist, Forbes Top 30 Sales People

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This phenomenal book will ensure that you:

  • Understand how to approach your market, own your intrinsic personal leadership skills and emphasise the value of you!
  • Discover how to focus on your conversations more by leveraging your thought leadership skills, deeply defining the value of your offering through not just yours, but your buyers’ eyes.
  • Accelerate and elevate your outcomes by drawing on your sales leadership skills demonstrating and appreciating the value you, your solution and your company provide your market.

Written by someone who has spent in excess of twenty years in a competitive field of high net worth sales for Fortune 500 companies, Bernadette McClelland has also been the owner of an award winning retail outlet and importing wholesale business.

In addition to being the author of five books, she is also an internationally respected keynote speaker, facilitator, trainer, sales mentor and coach to CXO’s. Her passion for helping sales people lift their game and be seen as the ‘good guys, and girls’, has seen her as the Asia Pacific peak performance business and sales coach for Anthony Robbins and coach for Harvard MBA’s in their sales program.

Every business person who sells MUST read this book, so they can accelerate their results, shorten their sales cycle, increase their revenue and margins and more importantly, meet their two most fundamental needs of GROWTH and CONTRIBUTION.

This one of a kind book will take you through nine commercial conversations that matter in today’s busy, connected and changing business landscape:
CONVICTION and The Art of Rebellion- It’s more than loving what we do. It’s having the courage to be seen, to take our turn, to rebel, to change our rules, to step outside our fears and love what we bring to the table.

CONNECT and The Art of Mindfulness – It’s more than kumbaya and yogis. It’s the opportunity to centre ourselves in a busy and noisy world so we can stand grounded and confident and be present to our buyer.

CONTACT and The Art of Social – It’s more than a playground where we go to play. It’s the auditorium where we have the opportunity to team up, play our hearts out and be seen by those who will pay to see us.

CONTENT and The Art of Story – It’s more than features, advantages and benefits. It’s the ability to tell a story that captivates, and spread that story to the world through messages that create value.

CONSULT and The Art of Tension – It’s more than asking questions. It’s creating a space to get personal, to be bold, to push the boundaries for all the right reasons and to create change in our clients’ worlds.

CONTEXT and The Art of Meaning – It’s not about what you think it’s about. Its essence is in interpretation, variation, ing for understanding and being prepared to get it wrong.

CONTRACT and The Art of The Ask – It’s not about closing the deal. It’s about learning to say yes and learning to say no, and understanding the magic that happens in between.

CONVERSE and The Art of Conspiracy – It’s not about keeping in touch, customer service or moments of truth. It’s about working together, joint ventures and collaboration.

CONTRIBUTE and The Art of The Start – It’s not about the money or the profits or shareholders. It’s about the meaning and the purpose and the stakeholders.

“Social technologies have turbo-charged the expectations of today’s hyper-connected consumer. All parts of the marketing process are being impacted, and none more so than sales. But technology is just the enabler. Today, marketing and all it entails is about being human, taking a heart-centred approach, telling stories, creating conversations and becoming part of our customers’ communities. In The Art of Commercial Conversations, Bernadette McClelland challenges us to change the way we think about sales and selling, what can we do to ensure we’re more in-sync with today’s buyers. Ask yourself: “What are the conversations you are having?””

Trevor Young
author: microDOMINATION; founder: PR Warrior

“We all accept, at least I hope we do, that the art of conversation appears to be dying, as we prefer to develop our relationships online. This is certainly true when it comes to our commercial interactions as more and more products and solutions become commoditized. But the very best performers in the sales space, the ones who consistently over-achieve, have developed their communication skills and they are leaving their competitors trailing in the distance. Bernadette McClelland provides us with a superbly written guide, which should be a must-read for anyone with aspirations to become a top 5% player in the game of sales.”

Jonathan Farrington
Founder & CEO of Top Sales World, UK

“Bernadette McClelland has written a timely and timeless masterpiece. Enlightened leadership is needed more than ever, especially in an industry that is losing it’s way. This is a must read for everyone in professional selling who aspires to a values driven approach to leadership and seeking a framework for making a difference through integrity, passion and value.”

Tony J. Hughes
Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, B2B Social Selling Commentator

Order Your Copy now either Paperback or Kindle

Would you like to:

  • Learn the words that will instantly and elegantly transition you from rapport builder to business builder in just one short question?
  • Know how to leverage technology to become more social and engage with more certainty in this Connection Economy?
  • Break the rules you are operating by that are silently sabotaging you and become more successful instead?
  • Have a story to tell that is more than features, advantages and benefits?
  • Extend your library of questions that create leverage for the buyer at a logical and personally emotional level so that price and decision making is no longer an issue?
  • Dramatically strengthen your connections with your buyer in just 23 seconds?
  • Increase your business acumen to speak to the C Suite with conviction in order to be treated as an equal?
  • Create a strategy for phone contact, email and voicemail that has people want to speak with you rather than brush you off?
  • Minimise your hidden weaknesses that include your buying patterns, money beliefs and perceptions so you can create the outcomes you have a responsibility to create?
  • Sell more to the right people with greater purpose and increase profits?

The question to any of these is either a “yes” or a “no”

If, for you, you answered with a resounding “Yes” to those ten questions, then it’s time to move up a level on the Conscious Selling Model. Transition between transactional to transformational, choose between instructional, influential or completely inspirational. Discover a level of thinking that gets proven results time after time and get them now!

Then again, you might have answered “No”. If so, then what are you doing in your role? What are you choosing to tolerate? More pain, more lost business opportunities, more stress until THAT’S IT! IT’S OVER – YOUR JOB OR YOUR BUSINESS?

The Art of Commercial Conversations frames nine ‘must have’ conversations that sales people and business owners need to have with their potential clients, and themselves, in order for business prosperity and profitability to occur. This book is a refreshing take on how the world of business is shifting to be one that focuses on purpose and contribution as well as growth.

Lisa Earle McLeod

Bestselling Author of ‘Selling with Noble Purpose’ and Sales Leadership Expert for

Bernadette McClelland’s new book The Art of Commercial Conversations hit me hard like a Bondi wave – refreshing, invigorating and powerful. She has encapsulated the changing world of doing business with business – a world where the buyer has transformed the way they are doing business which necessitates that sellers rethink how they engage. She states that we can no longer succeed by being sellers, we need to be ChangeMakers – we need to sell change. I totally agree. This book is essential reading for every business leader and sales professional in the business to business world.

John Smibert

Co-Founder of Sales Masterminds Australasi

Out of all the resources available to us, none of us can ignore the resource of time and the need for revenue generation in our roles and our businesses. Because once time has passed and we haven’t decided to do something different, our cup empties and our business results suffer. Now is the time for you to say “YES” to you and your career, don’t you think?

Order Your Copy now either Paperback or Kindle

You know there’s more to your ability as someone who has an idea, a product or a service to sell… much more…

The Art of Commercial Conversations – When It’s Your Turn To Make A Difference is one of the most inspirational yet strategic books I have read in the sales space. The ability for a salesperson to ask questions of the buyer but also themselves is critical, to be able to have a commercial dialogue and not a sales monologue is crucial and the knowledge that there is an art and a science to selling and dancing with both is key. I highly recommend every professional with a responsibility for generating revenue read this book today.

Alice Heiman

Business Management Consultant, Emcee and Chief Networking Officer for Sales 2.0 Conference

This groundbreaking book opens the door to the left and right brain, the head, the heart and the soul of selling. It takes a deep dive into how you think, how you feel and how you see the world of business yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s about ChangeMakers who want to learn how to be commercial but also understand why that is so important to the triple bottom line of people, profits and planet. It helps you understand the power behind backing yourself and being an expert, how to have those commercial conversations and be relevant in a shifting market and how to create outcomes that change the status quo on a local and global level. It is a book that is rich and rewarding in every way.


And the good news is – change is happening.

The Art of Commercial Conversations will give you the keys to … instruct you…influence you… inspire you… it will help you be more profitable, make more sales and at the same time be totally comfortable with who you are.

So what greater time is there for you to give yourself this gift that will give you shortcuts, strategies, tactics and distinctions that will have you saying ‘WOW!’ and ‘AHA’ page after page.

Redefine YOU as a business person who sells. Create lasting MOMENTUM in your day to day operations. Give yourself permission to step up and into your own brilliant POTENTIAL and knock the socks off your competition, wowing EVERY customer EVERY time!
Start with having a commercial conversation with yourself RIGHT NOW and invest in these 250+ pages and hundreds of ideas TODAY.

  • Understand how to approach your market, own your personal leadership skills and emphasise the value of you!
  • Discover how to focus in on your conversations more by leveraging your thought leadership skills and deeply defining the value of your offering through your buyers eyes
  • Accelerate and elevate your outcomes by drawing on your sales leadership skills and demonstrate and appreciate the value you, your solution and your company provide to your market
I look forward to asking, ‘How Can I Help You?’

Order Your Copy now either Paperback or Kindle

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