We need to have a conversation

When was the last time you had an edgy conversation?

With yourself or with others?

I am extremely fortunate to be friends with Dan Waldschmidt.

Who, you might ask is he, why do you even care who he is and what does he have to do with what you do?

Well, it turns out – a lot!

You see Dan, apart from one of the Top 7 sales bloggers according to the Wall Street Journal, apart from being profiled in Business Week, INC Magazine, Business Insider, and on dozens of radio programs. with hundreds of his articles on unconventional business strategy being adopted by businesses globally, knows what he is talking about and is respected for it.

And that in itself, is a differentiating factor today. What are you respected for? What are you known for knowing a lot about, that makes people want to come to you as the person of interest or the go to business?

Dan is the author of Edgy Conversations and because part of what I do is help others (especially salespeople) have those conversations that drive value for themselves and others it really resonated with me BUT it was not what I thought it would be.

After reading the first 3 pages in a coffee shop, I raced back home and contacted Dan. The authenticity of the guy, the ability to help you be authentically YOU in a sea of sameness, in an environment where you are pulled from pillar to post, where you are cut down for daring to put your head above the pulpit and be different, where there is a perception about what success really is and the pressure that goes with your projection about that, about wanting to make a difference in the world yet sticking to the rules for fear of what others may think, is inked on every page.

So what is the go?

Well, you’ll just have to buy the book đŸ™‚

The ability to be EDGY with our clients and our team mates and with ourselves is crucial and there are four principles:

Extreme Behaviour

Disciplined Activity

Giving Mindset

(Y)Human Strategy

And all four are becoming more and more prevalent and critical in business today. People are finally getting it.

Now I am not getting paid to write this but it is that much of a good read that my husband, Tim is even reading his book now – and he doesn’t read books!!

So, the reason why I raced back and personally connected with Dan (apart from receiving this gift along with the book)?

We all need to get clear on our purpose in this world and the book helped me articulate my purpose like no other book or mentor has, but apart from that, it solidifies my belief that understanding success in business and life today, is all about who we need to be to do what we must do. So let me leave you with this thought?

Apart from what you do and knowing how to do it – what really contributes to your success? Like, really contributes.

Thanks for the opportunity for me to have an EDGY conversation with you, albeit very brief. For a longer conversation around pushing your envelope further and being your own change, call our office to set 15 minutes aside on my calendar to do so.

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