Never wing a sales approach call

I have been engaged to work with a sales guy in a coaching/mentoring role – someone who has the right sales DNA but has plateaued.

One of the tasks I had him to before the day ended, was to advance at least one sale. In this particular case, he chose to follow up a stalled lead. He picked up the phone and before I realised, he had flown straight into it, enthusiasm in top gear and adrenaline pumping. He forgot what we had talked about prior and defaulted straight back to his old, unsuccessful patter which took him straight down the rabbit hole of talking product. This is natural as it is our flight and fight mode kicking in unless we tame it.

So we strategised again, didn’t write a script (can’t stand them) but got clear on 4 key points that he was able to dance with that would result in an appointment. Bingo! 4 appointments one after the other! I felt like a proud parent on awards day.

So to make an approach call to a potential client, have a clear outcome and make sure you articulate:

  • Who you are
  • Define a trigger event and link how what you do would be of value to them considering…
  • Reference a story of a similar client who has achieved results
  • Suggest a meeting to have that conversation with them and share some ideas
  • DO NOT talk about your product or service because it is totally irrelevant!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Never wing a sales approach call

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