Ode to The Salespeople Customers Can’t Wait To Meet…

Salespeople – It doesn’t worry me that your sales process is not perfect so long as you help me think differently, help me be better at what I do. Do that and you will be adding value to my role – anything else and you are like everyone else.

Salespeople– Be generous! Go where your competition fear to tread and give me the extras. The extras, the overs, the information, the ideas, the shortcuts, help me help my clients, because it won’t be long and your competition will be! We now expect the extras.

Salespeople– Be A Leader! You don’t have to be THE leader but show up with a guiding light for me, interest in what I do, a desire to help me help my buyers, the same care factor for my challenges as you have for your own. Hone you personal leadership, thought leadership and sales leadership qualities and lead me through the conversation but let me lead too.

Salespeople – Thank you for challenging my thinking and not backing down and being a ‘yes’ person. I need to know you won’t change your stance when I cross question you. I need to know I can trust your character and your judgement no matter what!

Salespeople – I love it when you can hear what I say simply by ing to what I don’t say. Not many of you have that gift – the gift of sensory acuity, just like not many of you have the gift of acknowledging a mistake, recognising and remedying it immediately. And while we are talking gifts, the gift of taking feedback is paramount.

Salespeople – I am just like you. I don’t like being ‘sold to’, I am wary of salespeople using all those ‘ity’ words with me like productivity, reliability and versatility. I like to hear new words that are flavoured with growth and contribution, certainty and consideration, collaborative yet prescriptive.

Salespeople – Know WHO you are before you walk through my door. I love working with someone who is comfortable with who they are, someone not intimidated by me, someone who is keen to share their art with the world because they are proud of their value and legacy, someone who knows their WHY and what they means to me. Someone not after being liked, but respected instead.

Salespeople – We will follow you on your journey, we will treat you as trusted advisor because you converse with us, you humanise a mechanical process, you speak WITH us not broadcast TO us. We really do need you and are willing to reciprocate by paying well those who serve us well.

Salespeople – We looking forward to working with you!

Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant

Keynote Speaker - Bernadette McClelland - Sales Leadership and Mindset Speaker Selling in the Connection Economy. A 5-step sales philosophy for franchises, associations and corporates



Bernadette McClelland is a Sales Leadership and Mindset Speaker whose message for businesses, sales teams and associations is based on doing business in this new Connection Economy.

Her signature keynote 'SELLING. SELLING. SOUL'd' is ideal for event organisers within corporate, associations and franchise groups looking to increase revenues and differentiate theselves in today's competitive market. Leveraging her 5-step philosophy she provides essential insights for her audiences to sell more by inspiring them to flip the script and inspire the buyer.

3 Red Folders is her sales leadership consultancy where she has a reputation for helping businesses create sales smart cultures through sales strategy, process and psychology.

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