Today marks the birthday of Martin Luther King.

And this is Jacqueline Smith.

Last remaining resident of Room 303 at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, TN.

The same hotel where Martin Luther King, the leader for civil and economic rights, was fatally shot in 1968, whilst staying in Room 306.

Refusing to leave in 1988 when the decision was made to convert the motel to a museum, she was physically and publicly evicted.

As a result, she has been protesting in this same spot for 31 years.

Sometimes sleeping here

For something she passionately believes in.

That passion?

She believes that the message of MLK has become diluted – especially by converting the Lorraine Motel into a museum.

Her purpose is to end gentrification in Memphis.

Relocate the museum and turn the motel into a shelter for the homeless and needy – that’s what MLK would have wanted.

Her conviction in keeping his dream alive is her life’s purpose.

Educating people in his works and reminding them of his bigger dream.

I walked away that day in awe.

Wondering what I believed in enough to protest with such conviction.

Wondering what I dreamed about that could shape the future of the world.

Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant

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