What does this rock formation have in common with what’s going on inside your head?

* Sometimes we interpret things and we are wrong – it could be a frown we see as disapproval when we’re not, in fact, privvy to the thinking going on behind the scenes.

* Sometimes we may hear a sound we think is gunfire and for that terrifying split second feel afraid, yet it is only a car backfiring.

* Sometimes we may see a stick, swear a bit and jump for our lives because it looks so much like a snake.

You’ve done it, too, I know you have!

We are experts, alright!

Experts at distortion and therefore, misinterpretation.

This is Skull Rock, named for obvious reasons, deep in the Joshua Tree National Forest.

It is also a reminder for us to check in on where we might be getting things not quite right.

Deep inside our own skulls.

Because with all due respect

We all may need to get rid of our assumptions around what something means because of the way it looks, or sounds or feels.

To perhaps, be more patient.

To perhaps, be more OK with being less right!

And in doing so, we will be more present to someone else

And by default, see, hear and notice SO MUCH MORE!!


Image Source – My camera

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