What if my prospect doesn’t have a problem?

What if my prospect doesn’t have a problem?

Then how do I sell to him?

Great question and a question deserving of a different kind of answer, I think.

We have been conditioned to think that we have to find the pain with a prospect. Give them a headache and provide the panadol. But what if there is no pain to be found. What if they really, truly don’t have a burning need for your product or service.

I mean, let’s be grownups here. Life will not end for them if they don’t have your new software package or your latest widget or your most recognised service. They know that and we know that. But here’s the dilemma. You are being measured, targeted on selling to these people.

What do you do? Push them too hard for a sale and you’ll lose them. Walk away from them and they’ve lost you.

  • It’s about agreeing with them. Prospects are so much more in tune with what is out there, what their own problems are and what prescriptive solutions they need. Whilst having the know how to challenge their thinking is a great skill for salespeople, it is also a great skill to know when to agree and take the conversation down a different track.
  • It’s all about understanding what makes that customer tick, what makes their business tick, what drives them.

Some people are simply possibility focussed people. We know them as early adopters, pioneers, people who suffer from those afflictions known as BSO and FOMO. You will almost never create rapport with them by hanging around in the problem space.

It’s about turning your ‘nice to have’ solution into a ‘hard to give up’ scenario. It’s about showing them that life can be ‘even better’, results will be ‘even stronger’, people will be ‘even more productive’ with this product.

And how you do that is to provide them with a different conversation, provide them with different options and by selling them a different experience.

It’s OK to sell by not selling.

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